स्पंदन भ्रमंती : 2 days trek to Dhodap Fort in Satmal (Nashik) Region on 28th To 29th December 2013, (i.e. Saturday to Sunday)

Introduction, Geography & History of Forts:

Dhodap (धोडप)
Type: Hill Fort
Height: Approx. 4751 ft above MSL
Grade: Easy
Base Village: Hatti village
Region: Satmal (Nashik).
Mode of Transport : Private jeeps from Kasara.    

Dhodap, situated around 70 km from Nashik is a 'Magmatic Dyke' which is a very steep vertical wall of rocks created by intruding magma in to a fissure. The fort was belong to Nizams up to 1778 but after the treaty of ‘Bhalki’ between Nanasaheb Peshwe and Nizam’s fort came to Marathas, thereafter the fort was used as jail. Later on British conquered the Marathas in 1818.  

The fort is woth visiting. Remainants on the fort includes Ganesh Mandir, maruti Mandir, Qubars of the unknown warriors, Kalwan darwaja, bastions, two floored well, water cisterns. Etc.

One can seen Rawlya, Jawlya, Markandya & Saptshrungi gad to the west of Dhodap. On east side Handya, Ikhra pinnacle and kanchna fort. Towards North Kanhergad & Salher fort.
If Time permits we will visit Kanchana fort too.
(Source: Trekshitiz.com)

Itenary of the trek is as follows:

Meeting Point & time
·  09.20 AM @ Kasara Railway Station.
·  Catch 07.05 AM Down, Kasara Fast Local at the convenient station. Timings are as follows 
Mumbai CST
07.05 AM
 07.18 AM
07.45 AM
07.57 AM
08.05 AM
09.20 AM

Day -1 (Saturday)
·  09.20 AM Meet at Kasara
·  10.00 AM Breakfast enroute
·  01.30 PM Reach base village & Lunch
·  02.30 PM Introduction, Start ascending.
·  05.00 PM Atop, exploration of Fort & surrounding region  
·  Stay in at caves.
·  Cook food, camp fire.... & retire for the day.

Day -2 (Sunday)
·  06.30 AM Wake up, Morning activities, T & snacks
·  11.00 AM Start descending.
·  01.30 PM base village,  
·  Lunch
·   02.00 PM Start towards Kasara.
·  06.00 PM Kasara Railway Station.
·  08.30 PM Reach Dadar (Time is subjective)

Ø  Group Size: Max.20 Only.
Ø  Contribution: Rs. 800/-

1.     Transport from Kasara to Kasara by private jeeps
2.    2 simple veg meals & Morning & Evening Tea breakfast.

1. To & fro Rail ticket up to Kasara.
  2. Lunch of the Saturday, Cold drinks, mineral water, etc.
  3. Anything not mentioned herein.

Ø  Things to carry:
          1)   Lunch of the Saturday
2)   Some ready to eat food, dry snacks, biscuits, cakes, etc.
3)   Water bottle min.3 Ltrs
4)   Rail ticket up to Kasara
5)   Extra pair of cloths. Towel, sweater, etc.
6)   Personal medical kit. (if reqd).
7)   Plate, spoon, mug.
8)   Bedding (Sleeping mat/bag), extra
9)   Torch with spare set of batteries.
10)  A haversack to put in all the things to be carried.
Ø  Special Notes:

1)     Registration through phone calls only
2)    Avoid wearing gold ornaments and carrying valuables.
3)  We all are going for an historic, adventurous and interesting trekking   expedition, please Do Not misinterpret it as a PICNIC or LEISURE TOUR, There will be ample of enjoyment but not at the cost of discipline.
4)   Do’s & Don’ts will be explained during the introduction session. All are bound by the same.

Kumar Gaudse: 9870577761 / 9930252241

Kavish Sukhthankar : 9820330615


Kumar Gaudse