Treks in October 2015


          Treks leaders who want to post their events on can contact us for more details. 
          There is a small fee for 1 year event posting access on 
          Free events access for non profit trekking groups on

          For New groups (not already known or listed on mumbaihikers)
          you need to email us 
           Your Group must be a Mumbai based group or have a Mumbai branch and Mumbai coordinator ,
          a) Your group must have a name . 
          b) Your group must have a Facebook page 
          c) Your group must have a site(optional)
          d) You need to send you details of your groups
          • Details of your group
          • Date group started
          • Address of Group or founder
          • Number of treks done till now.
          • Link to Facebook event with full details .
          • Details about trek leaders 
          • Name of trek leaders
          • Qualifications of trek leaders
          •      number of treks done till now
          •      any trekking qualification NIM,HMI etc)
          • Names of founders (if different from trek leaders)

          Moombai Hyker