Treks in September 2015

How to post your events on and
You will need to posts your events on your facebook pages(not groups ).And email a link to your Facebook page to and mumbaihikers will share it on ( and

Tutorial on how to make your trekking groups facebook page and create facebook events on that page .
For those new trek leaders who want to post their events on mumbai hikers
There is no payment or membership fee.
But you need to email us points A-E
a) Your group must have a name .
b) Group fb page
c) Has a group site(optional)
d) details and photos of past treks (on fb page at least 1-3 past events)
e)details about trek leaders . no of past treks,HMI etc.
Please email details a-e to
management will take the final call .

Moombai Hyker