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  • VRangers Adventures trek to Sandhan Valley on 29th Jan Ngt-30-31st Jan 2016
  • Small Steps Adventures: Harihar one day trek on 31st Jan'16
  • VRangers historic trek Pratapgad-MadhuMakarand 22nd Ngt-24 Jan16
  • Small Steps Adventures: Prabalmachi Camping on 16th & 17th Jan 2016
  • WSR 1 Day Paragliding Tour ( Valentine Day Special ) on 14th February 2016
  • WSR Camping Trek to Sandhan Valley on 27th - 28th February 2016 ( Batch - 3 )
  • Trekincredible trek to Kedarkantha from 22nd April to 1st May 2016
  • WSR One Day Trek to Ajoba Hill on 28th February 2016
  • Trekगुरु : One Day Trek to Sandhan Valley (सांधण दरी). (No rappelling) On 17th Jan 2016
  • One Day Trek to Canyon Valley on 21st February 2016
Posted: 12 Jan 2016 12:26 AM PST
Sandhan is a "Heart of Sahyadri" & water carved valley located in very remote part. This beautiful place situated in the Western Ghats. Here we can Experience the heart throbbing crossing of 4 to 6 ft deep water pool in the way of 200 meter walk on the rock floored water carved valley.And the adventures part of the trek is you have to descend throughout with rappelling patches to complete tricky Sandhan Valley. Short Info: Trek: Sandhan Valley (starting from 29th Jan 2016). Base Village: Samrad. Region: Ghatghar – Bhandardara Difficulty: Medium. Age limit: 18 to 50 years. Max Participation size: 40 rangers. Cost:- Registered Member: Rs.1550/- Non Registered Member: Rs 1650/- (To become a VRangers Registered Member: CLICK HERE ) (It includes Travelling from Kasara to Asangaon by arranged local transport like Jeeps, Breakfast (sat-sun) / 1 dinner (Sat) – 1 Veg Lunch (Sun),Equipment & expertise charges). Trek Schedule: 29th Jan 2016 (Friday Ngt): Our journey will start with 2nd last kasara local as Train time schedule given below Kasara fast Local till Mulund (N): Please reach before 5 min to the appropriate platforms as this is fast local till mulund then it will halt at all station. If you miss train you will miss the trek. CST: 10.48 pm            Bycalla: 10.55 pm Dadar: 11.02 pm          Kurla: 11.10 pm Ghatkopar: 11.15 pm    Mulund: 11.23 pm Thane: 11.32 pm       Dombivali: 11.54 pm Kalyan: 11.58 am       Titwala: 12.18 am Asangaon: 12.38 am     Kasara: 01.18 am 30th Jan 2016: 02.15 am: will start journey till Samrad by Jeeps from kasara. 04.15 am: Will reach to Samrad & will take rest here. 07.15 am: breakfast. 08.15 am: With intro will start for adventurous descending. 09.45 am: Start for first rappelling. 12.30 pm: Lunch break. 01.30 pm: Start for descend. 04.00 pm: Reach to Campsite & Swimming. 06.00 pm: Evening Refreshment 08.30 pm: Have dinner & good night 31st Jan 2016: 06.30 am: Wakeup call 07.30 am: ... Read more
Posted: 12 Jan 2016 12:23 AM PST
About the Tour :Harihar fort (1,120 m) is in the Tryambak range north of Igatpuri and is built on a triangular rock. It has a steep climb which makes it a bit difficult for trekkers to climb. The fort of Harihar, lying on Trimbak range, was of significant importance in earlier periods, as there used to be a route crossing this range connecting Maharashtra to Gujarat.
Posted: 11 Jan 2016 11:59 PM PST
VRangers Historic Trek from Mahabaleshwar to Pratapgad – Afzalkhan Swari with Madhu-Makarandgad and Umrath – Village of Great Warrior Tanaji Malusare Short Info: Trek: Mahabaleshwar to Pratapgad with Madhu-Makarandgad and Umrath Base Village: Kshetra Mahabaleshar and Par. Region: Satara and Raigad Difficulty: Medium – High endurance. Max Participation size: 20 rangers. Cost:- Registered Member: Rs.2400/- Non Registered Member: Rs 2500/- (To become a VRangers Registered Member: CLICK HERE ) (It includes travelling from Dadar to dadar by private bus, Breakfast (Sat-Sun) / 1 Veg Dinner (Sat) – 1 Veg/Non veg Lunch (Sun), accommodation Local home stay & expertise charges). Info: The great battle of Pratapgad was fought between Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Adilshah General Afzalkhan. This battle has a great history and strategy related to it. Khan came down to the base of Pratapgad from Wai to kill Shivaji Maharaj but the planning and mind set of Marathas turned the tides of the war. The death of Khan was a shock to the entire country which made Shivaji Maharaj a threat for his enemies. Let us come together to understand and explore the most feared region of Jawli. Trek Schedule: 22nd Jan 2016 (Friday Ngt): We will head towards Mahabaleshwar by private bus at 11pm from Dadar – Pritam Hotel 23rd Jan 2016 (Saturday): 5.30am: Reach Kshetra Mahabaleshwar 6.00am: Get freshens up and have intro for the trek. 6.30am: Breakfast 7.00am: Visit different spots at Mahabaleshwar. History will be shared regarding the same. 11.00am: Descend to Dare gaon via Lodwick point. 12.30pm: Head towards Jaoli phata for Lunch. 2.00pm: Head towards Hathlot – Base village of Madhu-Makarandgad by Bus 2.40pm: Ascend and explore Madhu-Makarandgad. 8.30pm: Reach Par – Base village of Pratapgad. History will be shared regarding the same as per location. 9.30pm: Have dinner and enjoy cold local home stay. 11.00pm: Good night. 24th Jan 2016 (Sunday): 6.00am: Wakeup call ... Read more
Posted: 11 Jan 2016 10:04 PM PST
Dear All Adventure Lovers,   We at Small steps adventures, glad to invite you all for NIGHT TREK and CAMPING TO Prabalmachi ON 16th & 17th Jan 2016    Little Info about The Fort   Type: Hill Fort   Height: 2320 Feet above MSL (Approx)   Grade: Medium   Base Village: Thakurwadi   Region: Panvel     History:   Prabalgad fort, or Muranjan fort in its present form, was built during Bahmani Sultanate to keep an eye on Panvel Fort and Kalyan Fort in North Konkan. Around 1458 AD, Malik Ahmad, the prime minister of the kingdom of Ahmednagar, took over the fort during his conquest of Konkan.  During the collapse of the Ahmadnagar Sultanate, Shahaji tried helping them unsuccessfully against the separate forces of the Mughal Empireand the Adil Shahi dynasty and moved to Muranjan, along with wife Jijabai and younger son Shivaji for a brief period.    The fort was conquered by Shivaji from the Mughals in 1657, after he establishing himself in the Kalyan-Bhivandi area.   There is a dense forest on the way till the top. Historical references indicate that Freedom fighter Umaji Naik made a stay here in 1826. The fort top commands an excellent view of the surroundings with Prabalgad in the front. Matheran, Chanderi, Irshal,Karnala, Manikgad, etc can be easily identified.    Also, Get ready with your cameras to shoot the actual stars. Nothing can beat the visibility of stars in dark skies.     Meeting Point: @ Panvel Station, 4.15 PM   Trek schedule Saturday:   4.15 pm:  Meet @ Panvel Station   4.30 pm: leave from Panvel for base village   6.00 pm: Introduction & Start trek   9.00 pm: Reach prabalmachi (base village / Camp Site)    Dinner & tent pitching and Play some games and shoot the actual stars   Trek schedule Sunday:    5.00 am: Wakeup Call & get ready for Trek   8.00 am: Reach the Top / Site seeing / top view    Starting descending for prabalmachi   10.00 pm:   Breakfast at Prabalmachi   11:00 pm:   Start Descending   12.00 pm: Reach the base and head for Panv... Read more
Posted: 11 Jan 2016 09:32 PM PST
WSR 1 Day Paragliding Tour ( Valentine Day Special ) on 14th February 2016    Special offer Price: 4000/-   Have you thought of flying in the Air ?????  About the Tour :  This outing is planned to gift you the most memorable 15 minutes of your own life…the moments that you will be in the air…at the height that birds fly…enjoying the real meaning of Independence and Joy!! Our professional experts provide this paragliding ride at Kamshet near Pune. Every healthy adult is eligible for this.   The paraglider is a wing, rather than a parachute, having the ability to glide forwards rather than to simply descend vertically. Whilst the paraglider is a completely soft structure, with the pilot being suspended underneath, once the canopy has been inflated, it becomes a wing – similar in profile to an airplane wing. Launching a paraglider requires a short run along a gentle slope, the wing the lifts the pilot off the ground – there is no sensation of falling, a good launch feels similar to an airplane taking off.   Short Info: Place: Kamshet, Lonavala. Gliding time: 10 to 15 mins approx Type: Adventures / Joy Ride. Participants: 20 max.     Cost:   Valentine Day Special Offer Price: Rs: 4000/- ( Additional 1000 to be paid Cash to Rider Club if required Video shooting & Photograph while Riding )(Additional gliding at Rs. 3000/- per glide as per time convenience) You need to compulsory transfer the amount then only your seat will be confirmed. No Last moment confirmation will be taken.   Cost includes: Travelling from Dadar to Kamshet in Private Vehicle. Breakfast, Evening Tea and Lunch. Technical Expertises.   Cost Does not include: Insurance, Anything other than mention above. Please fill the Registration form in our website:   Info of the event : A two seater JOYRIDE with an experienced Pilot. It is the most FUN and Easiest way to taste the exhilaration of Free Flight. You sit with the pilot on a separate and comfortable seat and enjoy the vi... Read more
Posted: 11 Jan 2016 09:11 PM PST
WSR Camping Trek to Sandhan Valley on 27th - 28th February 2016 ( Batch - 3 )   Wanderingsoulriders has arranged our Favourite destination Trek to Sandhan Valley exploration  event – Valley of Shadow Trek on 27th - 28th February 2016   " SANDHAN" …. is a beautiful place situated in the Western Ghats  near Ratangad. Amidst the water carved valley of 50 to 500 feet deep and around two km long. Experience the heart throbbing crossing of 4 ft deep water pool in the way of  rock floored water carved valley.  This will be your memorable trek. Also you will get chance to Rappel down four small patches to reach the base of SANDHAN VALLEY.    Brief Intro about Sandhan:- Height:  4100 ft Grade: Medium with Thrill Location: Bhandardara region Registration closing Date : 20th February 2016 ( or till the Last seat booked ) Seats: 20 No's  Treak Lead : Deepak / Radhika    Trek Details: DAY 1 : Friday 26th February 2016 22:50 Hrs :CST 22:57Hrs: Byculla 23:04 Hrs: Dadar 23:12 Hrs: Kurla 23:16 Hrs: Ghatkopar 23:31 Hrs: Thane 23:55 Hrs: Dombivali   Saturday 27th February 2016   00:05 Hrs: Kalyan 01:18 Hrs: Kasara Depart 2 Samrad by Private vehicle 04:00 Hrs : – @ Samrad   Rest for 2 hours   Breakfast-T Time   07:30 Hrs — Move 2 Sandhan 08:00 Hrs — Enter in Sandhan Valley   We have to go through abt 4-5 feet deep water for about 25-30 meters on the way … its real fun-thrill Pls do carry extra clothes for da same …    12:30 Hrs — Rappelling of 50 ft patch Lunch time mid way & then 2 more patches of 20 feet 2 rappel ..    17:30 Hrs —  Settle at base Dinner & Campfire   Stay in open … near a natural swimming pool   Day 2 : Sunday 28th February 2016   Wake Up early 08:30 Hrs — Breakfast-Tea 10:00 Hrs — Trek towrds Dehne 12:00 Hrs — @ Dehne   Lunch time   14:00 Hrs — @ Move Asangaon by public transport 16:00 Hrs — @ Asangaon station   We will be in Dadar around 19:00 hrs ( thats – subjective) … depends on Mega block t... Read more
Posted: 11 Jan 2016 09:04 PM PST
  Kedarkantha trek provides a great opportunity for trekkers to see the scenic beauty and experience the life of remote villages of Garhwal Himalayas. Kedarkantha Trek lies in the Govind Wild life Sanctuary and National Park in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The drive to Sankri (From where the Kedarkantha trek starts) is one of the most picturesque drives in the Himalayas through Mussoorie, Barkot, Purola, Mori, Netwar, Motwat along the Tons River Kedarkantha trek is one the easiest treks in the Himalayas to enjoy thick snow cover. The Kedarkantha trek campsite is great for birding and surrounded by beautiful snow peaks.   Itinerary April 22ndDay 0: Departure from Mumbai• Board Duronto from Mumbai at 2320hrs April 23rd•Day 1: Reach Delhi @ 1630hrs and catch train for DehradunApril 24th• Day 2: Reach Dehradun & leave for SankriApril 25DAY 3: Arrival Day (Base Camp: Sankri)• Arrive at Sankri by our own or a Pickup Vehicle is arranged from Dehradun near Railway Station.• Expected arrival at time to Sankri is by 5:00PM• The stay would be in Swargarohini Hotel which is included in trek cost along with food at night.April 26thDay 4: Sankri to Juda Ka Talab• It takes about 4-5 hours to reach Juda ka Talaab, covering 4 km, with an altitude gain of 2700 feet.• Start your trek out of the village, into a pine forest and climb to the top of a ridge.• Look out for langoors, wild boars, and hares on your way up. • The trail passes through dense pine forests, maple trees, a few streams and finally opens out to a beautiful clearing – Juda ka talaab.• Camp here for the night.April 27thDay 5: Juda-ka-Talab to Kedarkantha Base• Most of today's trail is on a ridge, under oak trees.• The trek covers 4 km, with an altitude gain of 2150 feet in 4 hours.• Once you reach the Kedarkantha base, look out for white peaks that stretch from your left to right forming a wide arc.• Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Kala Nag and Ranglana stand among the others.• Kedakantha base offers one of ... Read more
Posted: 11 Jan 2016 04:32 AM PST
WSR One Day Trek to Ajoba Hill on 28th February 2016 Summary: Height:   4511 ft Type:      Hill trek Grade:    Medium Time:      3 hrs from Dehne, village Range:    Shahapur Fees:       Rs 750/- WSR Register Members: Rs 700/- Leads: Yamini Mande / Sahib Saluja   About: Ajoba is one of the highest peak in Sahyadri. One of the best places to trek near Mumbai, We can be climbed either from eastern or from western side. The climb from eastern side takes longer time. There is a Valmiki Ashram at half way to the fort. The rest path to the top is said to be risky during monsoon. Near the Ashram, there is a small hut where we can stay. A small water stream provides us with pure water. The way beyond Ashram leads to a rivulet, crossing which we can reach the cave of 'LUV-KUSH'. To reach this spot we have to ascend the way of waterfall for one and half hour. Above this cave there is a precipice called 'Cradle of Sitamai'. In the cave there are the carved "Padukas" or the footprints of Luv and Kush. This precipice is a real challenge for trekkers. The ashram is a sacred place and people from all over Maharashtra come here. There are some carved stones near the ashram, on which some carved idols depict some story.   Itinerary for Ajoba Hill trek: Recommended train timing to reach Asangaon is as below. Please board the 2nd compartment from (Kasara end). CST – Kasara (S) 05.14 am 05:14 am CST 05:32 am Dadar 05:43 am Kurla 06:10 am Thane 06:41 am Kalyan 07:20 am Asangaon  07:30     Report at Asangaon railway station 07:45     Group introduction/orientation and have breakfast. 08:15     Reach the base village by bus or jeep. 09:15     Reach base village 09:30     Start trek 12:30     Reach in Valmiki ashram, lunch at the ashram 14:30     Start descending Ajoba. 17:30     Reach at base village, travel to Asangaon by Bus / Jeep 19:00     Group disperses at Asangaon railway station.   Inclusions: 1. Transportation from Asangaon to Asangaon by public ... Read more
Posted: 11 Jan 2016 03:37 AM PST
Trekगुरु : One Day Trek to Sandhan Valley (सांधण दरी). also known as Valley of suspense or Valley of Shadow (No rappelling) Date : 17th Jan 2016 - batch 3  Region : Igatpuri Cost : Aprx 450 - 550 rs Per Person On Contribution Basis + 100 rs trekगुरु charges Assembly : Kasara Railway Station Duration : 1 Day  Height : 4100 ft (aprx) Grade : EASY with thrilling n technical walk Contact : pravin 9821318848 / 9821465256 ---------- ----------   Batch 3 : 17 Jan 2016   Batch 4 : 24 Jan 2016 ( 23 Jan nyt ) (Anniversary special) (TTMM basis)   Batch 5 : 31 Jan 2016     --------- ---------   Dear Trekkers,        Trekगुरु have organised a most Awaited , exciting and thrilling one day Trek to Sandhan Valley On 17th Jan 2016 (NO RAPPELLING)     ----------       Journeys and trek scheduled :-   17 Jan 2015   CATCH CST TO KASARA LOCAL (SLOW)     05.02am : CST 05.10am : byculla  05.20am : DADAR 05.30am : kurla 05.36am : ghatkopar 05.57am : THANE 06.19am : dombivali 06.28am : KALYAN 06.41am : titwala  07.01am : asangaon 07.38am : KASARA Depart to Samrad by a Private Vehicle 10.00am : Reach Samrad (साम्रद) base village BREAKFAST 10.30am : Move towards exploring Sandhan Valley. About Sandhan Valley (सांधण दरी)   Sandhan Valley, also known as Valley of suspense or Valley of Shadow, is one of the greatest canyons in the splendid setting of Sahyadri (Western Ghats). The water carved valley is 200 ft deep and about 1.5 long. Sandhan valley is located on the western side of the beautiful Bhandardara region, near Samrad village.    The valley is surrounded with mighty Alang, Madan and Kulang (Known as AMK- rated as the toughest trek in Sahyadri) Ratangad, Ajoba & Kalsubai (5400 ft. highest peak in Maharashtra) mountain ranges. The brilliant and deep narrow rock floored ravine is located between the two high walls of mountain range. At some places its width is less than 3 ft and at some places sun rays unable to reach the ground. Which gives it the name: valley of shadow.    To go at e... Read more
Posted: 11 Jan 2016 02:12 AM PST
WSR invites you for a Trek to Ulhas Valley also known as Canyon Valley on 21st February 2016. Brief Info about the Trek: - Canyon Valley waterfall fall is one of the most beautiful waterfall located between Lonavala and khandala. Height of waterfall is about 320 fts. Along the Ulhas River, from khandala till Karjat is a valley which is known as Canyon / Ulhas / Tiger valley. There is huge water fall down in the valley where we will be spending at least one hour before starting our back journey. The waterfall is a popular destination for trekkers from Mumbai and Pune.   Major Attractions: - Trekking thru Dense Forest, Waterfall etc. Itinerary: – for the EventMumbai Participants: – Catch Indrayani Express and get down at Lonavala station on Sunday 21st February 2016. Mumbai CST: 5.37amDadar: 5.46amThane: 6.05amKalyan: 6.30amLonavala: 8.00am   Pune Participants: - Catch Pune-Lonavala local and get down at Lonavala station on 21st February 2016. Pune: 6.27amShivaji Nagar: 6.33amPimpari: 6.55amDehu Road: 7.04Talegoan: 7.16 amKamshet: 7.30Lonavala: 7.55 08.05 hrs: Near ticket counter (Lonavala (W)08.10 hrs: Breakfast & Tea08.30 hrs: Move towards valley09.15 hrs: Start Descending11.00 -13.00 hrs: Explore, Lunch & rest13.00 hrs: Start Ascending16.00 hrs: @ top16.30 hrs: Move to Lonavala by auto17.00 hrs: @ Lonavala   List of things which needs to be carry:-1.A haversack to put in all the things to be carried, 2. LUNCH FOR THE DAY.3. A bottle of water (2 Ltr)4. Camera (Optional)5. Electoral / Energy powder, 2 lemons, some snacks & biscuits6. Torch with extra batteries7. Personal medicines & 2 plastic bags for weight distribution8. A good trekking shoes9. Extra pair of cloth Cost for the trek is Rs. 450/- per head, Includes: Traveling from Lonavala to Lonavala, breakfast and expertise charge Exclusions: Mineral water/lime water/ purchased for personal consumption. Food/Tea purchase while travelling to site and back. Any medical / Emergency... Read more

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