Treks and trips this weekend 12th 13th March 2016

DateLocation Cost PhoneContact
11th - 13th March 2016Tour to Velas Turtle Festival5509987121415 / 9029209992Amey Bhagat
11th - 13 thMarch 2016Camping @ kulangad15007666 611 666 / 7738 783 657JD/ Sai
11th - 13 thMarch 2016Tadoba Tiger Safari140008692022777 / 8422049888Karishma Joshi
11th - 13 thMarch 2016Pench National Park140008692022777 / 8422049888Karishma Joshi
12thMarch 2016Midnight Cycle ride from Colaba to Bandstand8509819299164Amit Bhadouria
12thMarch 2016Midnight Cycling South Mumbai 20Kms8509819299164Amit Bhadouria
12th-13thMarch 2016Velas Turtle Festival- 201622009870577761 / 9930252241Kumar Gaudse
12th-13thMarch 2016Gorakhgad night trek6009820468748Parth Upadhyay
12th-13thMarch 2016Night trek to Duke's nose5009820285295Krishna
12th-13thMarch 2016Sandhan Valley Trek16009579297744/ 7276871749Suhas
12th-13thMarch 2016Krishna River Camp25009819833345Milan Wadkar
12th-13thMarch 2016SANDHAN VALLEY CAMPING AND TREK16008452008665, 8268697725Sagar Shinde
12th-13thMarch 2016 Sandhan Valley Trekking and Camping160009987121415 / 9029209992Amey Bhagat
12th-13thMarch 2016Bhandardara Lake Side Camping18509029148241P.E.A.K. Troops
12th-13thMarch 2016Lakeside Camping at Bandardara30008692022777 / 8422049888Karishma Joshi
12th-13thMarch 2016Night Trek to Kalsubai Peak10008652370001 / 8692086927Karishma Joshi
12th-13thMarch 2016Stargazing at startrail Photography @ Velas30008692022777 / 8422049888Karishma Joshi
12th-13thMarch 2016Night Trek To Siddhagad9509819299164Amit Bhadouria
12th-13thMarch 2016Bike Ride To Velas Turtle Festival 5009819299164Amit Bhadouria
12th-13thMarch 2016Tour To Velas Turtle Festival22509819299164Amit Bhadouria
12th-13thMarch 2016Night Trek To Prabalgad6009819299164Amit Bhadouria
12th-13thMarch 2016Alang Madan Kulang Expedition2000Yogi/ Sagar9970377855/9029737972
12th-13thMarch 2016Velas Turtle Festival23009890672593Tushar
12th-13thMarch 2016Velas Turtle Festival 201623009768143706 / 9970043706Muhammed Yahya Virani
12th-13thMarch 2016Tour To Velas Turtle Festival,Bankot Fort,Harihareshwar Beach23009028271859 | 8007857825Roshan Dalvi
12th-13thMarch 2016WEEKEND BIKE RIDE @ VELAS2100Karishma Joshi8692055777 / 33777
12th-13thMarch 2016Lakeside Camping at Bandardara16509370080086 / 9819085757 Mahadeo / Deepak
12th-13thMarch 2016LAKESIDE CAMPING at BHANDARDARA30008692086927/8692055777AVANEE T
13th March 2016Nature trail @ Thane Creek9008692022777/ 8422049888KARISHMA JOSHI
13th March 2016Aarey Colony Cycle Ride4509819299164Amit Bhadouria
13thMarch 2016Summer Waterfall Trek to Canyon Valley5509867697306/9867693107Mapping Journeys!
13thMarch 2016Night Trek to Peb VikatGad Fort Matheran4509819299164Amit Bhadouria
13thMarch 2016One Day Trek to Canyon Valley 4509370080086 / 9819085757 Mahadeo / Deepak
13th March 2016Dukes Nose Rappelling 300 ft15508692033777 / 8692086927Karishma joshi
13thMarch 2016Trek to Canyon Valley, Lonavala!5509867697306/9867693107Mapping Journeys!
13th-17thMarch 2016Gujrat Tour 2016 (Gir Forest, Somnath Temple Etc.)66009029148241P.E.A.K. Troops
13th - 26thMarch 2016Cambodia-Vietnam Tour$ 18259819091954Surendra

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