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Posted: 26 Apr 2016 12:36 AM PDT
  Night Trek to Gorakhgad  Dated 21st & 22nd MAY, 2015 Gorakhgad attracts people as it is highly showered with beauty to enchant and activities to do. A short but semi technical Journey to the cave, Its excitingly fearful path, An inch more effort to feel the zeal of remarking your steps to the successful summit, breathing in the clouds, viewing the success on the top where the world has fallen back and beneath your feet, a night in the caves and many moreexcitingly wonderful experiences to flourish cannot just be, unless there you be!!! A) What to see!! - Cave at top- Mahadev temple above the cave- Mighty Machindra gadh- Scenic beauty around Gorakhgad- Small caves on top- Water cisterns- The sight of penance of saint Gorakhnath. B) Trek information Altitude 2150 feet approxBase Village :- DehriActivities :- Trekking, basic rock climbing, Meeting point for Participant Kalyan Bus Stand C) Itinerary 21st May 6:00PM  Leave from Kalyan8.00PM  Reach @ Base Village Dehari9.00PM  Dinner Time10.00PM Start Trekking 22nd May 1.00AM Reach On Top 7:00AM Wakeup call 8:00 AM Have Breakfast & Tea 9:30 AM Start Descending 12.00 PM Reaching At Base13:00 PM Leaving Back to Home D) Cost:- Rs. 900/- Activity Type: Trekking, Rock Climbing Grade: Difficult So What (Level 3) Activity Specifications: Hill Best Time to Visit: Summer, Winter, Monsoon Terrain: Dry, Mountain Languages Spoken: English ,Hindi,Marathi Base Location: Dehri, Maharashtra Starting Point: Dehri, Maharashtra End Point: Dehri, Maharashtra... Read more
Posted: 25 Apr 2016 10:09 PM PDT
Dear Friends we invite you for Summer camp for Kids And parents with MumbaiRangers on 14 15 May 2016 (Age grp 5 to 14) and/or Parents   Its Summer around so Its Time for Summer camp . It is a supervised program for children or teenagers conducted during the summer months.  Kids and Teenagers enjoy summer camps a Little away from city, But Near to nature and Adventure. The traditional view of a summer camp as a woody place with hiking, canoeing, and campfires is evolving, with greater acceptance of newer summer camps that  offer a wide variety of specialized activities. Our Summer camp has been designed to make kids work in a team, coordinate & share with each other, making them more social & extrovert.  When the kids take a break from TV, Mobiles & internet, they rediscover their creative powers and engage the real world— real people, real activities,  and real emotions. They realize, there's always plenty to do.     Type of Activity: Summer Camp Grade: Easy Place : Famous For Adventure Activities.     Train Timing CST – Karjat Fast Local CST – 06:10 am Byculla – 06:18 am Dadar – 06:24 am Kurla – 06:31 am Ghatkopar – 6:35 am Thane – 6:50 am Dombivali – 7:02 am Kalyan – 7:10 am Badlapur - 07:27 am Neral - 07:44 am   If you miss the train you miss the trek so make sure you are on time to catch the train.  People may board the same Karjat train from the station of their convenience and meet us in the train directly     Adventure Activities we Will be Conducting:   1) Rapelling 2) Hurdles 3) Treasure hunt 4) Rifle shooting 5) climbing wall 6) Tree Climbing 7) Flying Fox 8) Leadership Games  9) Stargazing at Night 10) Archery 11) Swimming pool   (Age grp 5 to 14) and/or Parents   ITENERY :   Saturday 14 May 2016 –   08:00 Shared Jeep Ride till Camp Site 08:45 Reach CampSite  09:00 Tea & BreakFast 10:00 Dormitary will Be Alloted Keep your Stuff 10:05 Start With Adventure Activities till Lunch 12:30 Lunch   13:30 After Lunch Back to Activities And Dip in th... Read more
Posted: 25 Apr 2016 06:55 AM PDT
Trek Mates India invites you to Parents Day Out With The Kids On 20th May 2016.     Key Information about the Vrundavan Farms Camp Take a day out from your busy schedule & plan a day out for your kids with ease. The theme of adventure brings the zeal, see your kid surpassing their fear & achieve the glory.   Date: 20th May 16 Activities: Flying Fox, Commando Bridge, Tarzan Swing, Archery, Art & Craft Activity, Some Swimming Pool  Time. Grade :      Easy Age :           7 -15 yrs (Kids must be accompanied by Parent or Guardian)         Vrundavan Farms Camp:- Take a day out from your busy schedule & plan a day out for your kids with ease. The theme of adventure brings the zeal, see your kid surpassing their fear & achieve the glory. There will be various games & adventures planned for you & your kids. To beat the heat we have kept the venue at Vrundavan Farms is located in Badlapur.         Do you want your kids (4 -14 years) to attend an Outdoor Adventure & Creativity Camp but don't feel comfortable to send him / her alone ?    Well, it's so much fun to be with your kids and see him/her enjoy the adventure while you have some fun too. We are happy to announce Parents and Kids Camp 2016, specially designed for Parents and their kids where you get a chance to deepen your relationship with your kid.   What's Unique about Parents – Kids Camp ? The idea is to give Parents and Kids a unique environment of bonding and understanding each other..       Itinerary of the event:  Day 1:Friday,20th May,16 06.30am : Arrival at Meeting Point (Chandu Halwai at Dadar TT, Dadar (E) )07.00am : Departure from Mumbai09.00am : Arrival at Vrundavan Farms Camp,Breakfast,10.00am :Flying Fox, Commando Bridge, Tarzan Swing, Archery,01.00pm : Lunch,02.00pm : Art & Craft Activity04.00pm : Swimming Pool05.00pm : Tea & Snacks06.00pm : Vote of thanks, Feedback Session, Departure from Vrundavan Farms to Mumbai08.30pm : Arrival a... Read more
Posted: 25 Apr 2016 05:45 AM PDT
Korlai Fort (Alibaugh) On 1st May 2016   Details Region: AlibaugDistrict: Raigad Level: Very EasyTour Cost: Rs 700/-    About Korlai fort: - It is surrounded by sea on three sides. It is not a tall fort as the total height is about 275 m. The blue ocean on one side and the creek named "Kundalika" on the eastern side create scenery. The fort is situated at the mouth of the creek. A small road leads up to the top of the fort. There is a Lighthouse on the fort and a small climb from behind the lighthouse will take you to the fort. The fort is in ruins, but the view from the lighthouse is beautiful and the rocky beach at Korlai is also good one of the most interesting things about Korlai, is its name. This small island was once called 'Morro de Chaul'. Morro, in Portuguese, implies 'a small, rounded hill'; words that best describe the hill atop a the fort is built. The present name – Korlai fort, comes from the village of Korlai on the foothills. This name also comes from the Portuguese – the residents of this fishing village speak a dialect of the Portuguese Creole called 'kristi'. The word Creole eventually was distorted to Korlai. The Korlai fort was built by the Portuguese in 1521, as a companion to the fort at Chaul, guarding the Revdanda Creek. It commands a wonderful view of the creek and is a perfect location for monitoring ships arriving in the area. It was undoubtedly one of the more important forts of the 16th century. The fort passed into Maratha hands, and later into those of the British in the eighteenth century. While the British are said to have used a beacon on the island to help ships navigate, the fort was neglected and it eventually crumbled and left the ruins we can see today. The Korlai Fort lighthouse was commissioned soon after India gained independence. The lighthouse tower was built in 1955 and the small island once more began being used – this time for peaceful purposes, by helping ships navigate! The lighthouse is open for visitors betw... Read more
Posted: 25 Apr 2016 03:04 AM PDT
WSR Night Camping at Pawna Lake on 30th April 2016     Night Camping at Pawna Lake !! Type: Camping Duration: 1 Night / 2 Day Leads: Mahadeo / Deepak   About the Tour: Pawna Lake, located about 15kms from Lonavla, is a beautiful, unexplored location that is perfect for weekend getaways. Far away from the crowded Lonavala city, you can camp here and enjoy the nature at its best. This lake with its crystal clear water & picturesque scenery is a camper's paradise. Nearby is the famous Tikona fort which stands tall at a great height. Despite the height, it has a beginner's trek, allowing one and all to enjoy the trekking experience safely. As you ascend the Tikona fort, the view looks even more beautiful with every step. From the top, you get a panoramic view of the region that is simply breathtaking! When camping at Pawna Lake, you can experience life fully in nature's abode, taste some adventure and indulge in nature photography. With comfortable tents, home cooked food and constant guide through the trek, we ensure that your fun quotient is doubled, and you have the best time ever with your mates. This campsite is perfect for camping in all seasons.     Itinerary: Day – 1 (30th April 2016, Saturday) CSTM to Lonavala: 11009 Sinhagad Express 02.30 pm CST 02.41 pm Dadar 03.03 pm Thane 03.28 pm Kalyan 04.08 pm Karjat 05.03 pm Lonavala 06.00 pm Reach Camp site by local Transportation 06.30 pm Fun time at lake and Tent Camping 08.00 pm Barbeque and Camp Fire 09.30 pm Dinner 10.30 pm Fun / Group Activity Rest, Have a nice sleep   Day – 2 (01st May 2016, Sunday) 08.00 am Wakeup 09.00 am Breakfast 10.00 am Photography and fun time at lake 01.00 pm Lunch 02.30 pm Start Journey to Lonavala 04.38 pm Return Journey to Mumbai (11008 Deccan Express) (Time can change if you guys want to Participate / enjoy Paragliding Event)   08.00 pm Reach Mumbai (Tentatively)   Cost:  Rs.1800/- per person Rs.1700/- WSR Registered Members   Includes:... Read more
Posted: 25 Apr 2016 02:28 AM PDT
WSR 1 Day Paragliding Tour on 01st May 2016 Have you thought of flying in the Air ????? About the Tour : This outing is planned to gift you the most memorable 15 minutes of your own life…the moments that you will be in the air…at the height that birds fly…enjoying the real meaning of Independence and Joy!! Our professional experts provide this paragliding ride at Kamshet near Pune. Every healthy adult is eligible for this. The paraglider is a wing, rather than a parachute, having the ability to glide forwards rather than to simply descend vertically. Whilst the paraglider is a completely soft structure, with the pilot being suspended underneath, once the canopy has been inflated, it becomes a wing – similar in profile to an airplane wing. Launching a paraglider requires a short run along a gentle slope, the wing the lifts the pilot off the ground – there is no sensation of falling, a good launch feels similar to an airplane taking off.   Short Info: Place: Kamshet, Lonavala. Gliding time: 10 to 15 mins approx Type: Adventures / Joy Ride. Participants: 20 max.   Cost: Special Offer Price: Rs: 4400/- ( Additional 1000 to be paid Cash to Rider Club if required Video shooting & Photograph while Riding )(Additional gliding at Rs. 3000/- per glide as per time convenience) You need to compulsory transfer the amount then only your seat will be confirmed. No Last moment confirmation will be taken.   Cost Includes: Travelling from Dadar to Kamshet in Private Vehicle. Breakfast, Evening Tea and Lunch. Technical Expertise.   Excludes: Insurance, Anything other than mention above. Please fill the Registration form in our website:   Info of the event : A two seater JOYRIDE with an experienced Pilot. It is the most FUN and Easiest way to taste the exhilaration of Free Flight. You sit with the pilot on a separate and comfortable seat and enjoy the view. Carry your camera and take some amazing pictures from the sky. ... Read more
Posted: 25 Apr 2016 02:21 AM PDT
WSR: 1900 ft Asia's Longest Tyrolean Traverse on 21st - 22nd May 2016 (@ MTDC Malshej Ghat) Little info about The Event:  Type: Tryolean Traverse Height: 1900 Feet above ( Asia's Longest Tyrolean ) Grade: Meduim Base Village: Malshej Ghat Trek Fee: 3000/- Only Trek Lead: Deepak / Radhika Event Partner: Hi-tech Adventures   A Tyrolean traverse is a method of crossing through free space between two high points on a rope without a hanging cart or cart equivalent. This is used in a range of mountaineering activities: rock climbing, technical tree climbing, caving, water crossings and Mountain Rescue. A zip-line is in essence a Tyrolean traverse which is traveled down quickly with the assistance of gravity. Several sources claim that the name comes from the Tyrolean Alps, where climbers are said to have developed the system in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.   Who can Join the Event: - Age from 16 Years and Above are Eligible to join the Event. If you are an Adventure lover and want to get your Adrenalin rush activated then this is perfect sport for you.... Join to enjoy the perfect combination of Thrill and excitement, feel the Adrenaline pumping Experience @ MTDC Malshej Ghat 1900 ft Tyrolean traverse…..   The tentative itinerary for this Event is given below: Saturday 21st May 2016. Meeting point @ Shahad station, Platform No: 2 Time 7.00 a.m.  Train Timing as mentioned Below: CST - Titwala (Slow Local) at 05:30 am. 05:30 am CST 05:38 am Byculla 05:48 am Dadar 05:58 am Kurla 06:04 am Ghatkopar 06:25 am Thane 06:47 am Dombivli 07:00 am Shahad 07.30 am Start journey to MTDC 09.30 am Breakfast  10.30 am Events Starts  06.30 pm Start moving towards Joga Dam for Camping ( Participants who's events are completed can stay for camping or can leave after completing Event.  Night Stay at Joga Dam ( Tent Stay ) 08.30 am return Journey to MTDC 09.30 am Breakfast  10.30 am Events for Remaining Participant 05.30 pm Start retur... Read more

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