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Mumbai Hikers

Posted: 11 May 2016 11:23 PM PDT
Hi All,

Paragliding courses are on every day from now till  June 5th , 2016 when we will shut down  due to the onset of the monsoons .

You can choose any start date for any of our courses as per your convenience and availability.,

Check out our Latest Blog  to see all the fun we have been up to.

Course Costs & Details  :  (click on the relevant links to know more about the course)
Elementary Pilot Course : INR 20000/- (4 Days /3 Nights)
Taster Course : INR 16000/- (3 Days /2 Nights)
Tandem Paragliding Weekends: For those of you interested in Tandem flying –  Check our weekend package with stay .

Paragliding Films : Check  out some of our  fun films on  our  FlyNirvana youtube channel.

Peace Bliss & Happy Landings

Sanjay, Astrid and the Flynirvana team

Best way to reach us is by Email  – Just write to us with the dates you prefer and any other queries you may have and we will revert asap with all details…

Web Site :
Mobile : +91 – 93237 – 08809 
E-Mail :
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DateMonthLocation Cost Contact PhoneGroup
14th 15th MAY 2016Katraj To Sinhagad Overnight Trek300AMEY9987121415BHRAMANTI365
14th 15th MAY 2016Night trek ti dhak bahiri caves700Yogesh9702525435Ultimte Hikers
14 - 15 May 2016Mango Festival Tour 2016 Batch 24,500Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
14 - 15 May 2016Summer Camp 20162,550Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
14th - 21stMAY 2016Trek to Har Ki Dun9,500Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
14th - 15thMAY 2016Motorbike ride to Rajmachi1,200Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848TREKS AND TRAILS
15th MayMAY 2016Travel Trikon Midnight Cycling & Breakfast950Manoj Kalwar9819021806Travel Trikon
15thMay 2016Travel Trikon Sunset Sailing1500Manoj Kalwar9819021806 / 9870775633Travel Trikon
15thMay 2016Night Trek To Garbett Plateau Matheran 450Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
15thMay 2016Night Trek to Vishramgad750Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
15th MayMAY 2016Night Trek To Vikatgad (Peb)500Manoj Kalwar9819021806Travel Trikon
15th to 23rd5/1/2016Backpack around McleodGanj/Triund, Himachal16,000Shannon9819765950Vagabond
17th to 27th MAY 2016Kuari Pass Trek24,700Nihar9405575925Mid Earth
21st - 22ndMAY 2016A 1900ft Tyrolean Traverse - Malshej Ghats.3,000Srikant R. Pillai7666905040/9819818132/9820257757Yatrisahaydri
21st - 22ndMAY 2016Motorbike ride to Velas1,200Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848TREKS AND TRAILS
21st - 22ndMAY 2016Explore Sandhan Valley1,800Rajesh9869629288 / 9768341848TREKS AND TRAILS
21st - 22ndMay 2016MoonLight Lake Side Camping at Bhandardhara3000Manoj Kalwar9819021806 / 9870775633Travel Trikon
21st - 22ndMay 2016Bike / Car Ride to Bhandardhara For Lake Side Camping2000Manoj Kalwar9819021806 / 9870775633Travel Trikon
21-22MAY 2016Asia's Longest Tyrolean Traverse 1900 FT3,000Mayur Phadale8080304123Wild Rangers
21 - 22MAY 2016Asia's Longest Tyrolean Traverse 1900 FT3,000Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
21 - 28MAY 2016Roopkund Trek9,700Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
22MAY 2016Night Trek to Kavnai Fort leaving 21 may night700Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
22ndMAY 2016Night Trek to Peb Matheran t450Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
22ndMAY 2016Night Trek to Prabalmachi550Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
24th to 28th MAY 2016Bandhavgarh Wildlife Camp17,200Nihar9405575925Mid Earth
24th to 28th MAY 2016Backpack around McleodGanj/Triund, Himachal16,000Shannon9819765950Vagabond
28th - 29thMAY 2016Night Trek to Garbett Plateau Matheran450Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
28th - 29thMAY 2016FireFlies Special Night Trek to Kothligad650Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
28th - 29thMAY 2016Fireflies Special Trek to Harishchandragad 950Amit Bhadouria9819299164MumbaiRangers
28th - 29thMAY 2016Fireflies Special Trek At Prabalmachi750Manoj Kalwar9819021806 / 9870775633Travel Trikon

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