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Hi People,

We opened this season in October with a batch from INS Garuda the flying wing of the Indian Navy. Teaching aviators was an interesting experience. They were a great bunch of guys who enjoyed being initiated into the world of free flight and the Nirvana Flying Trip. Through the season we continued to have many more naval students.
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Just one precious months before the rains arrive and another glorious flying season comes to an end so come on all you people who have been dragging your feet about spreading your wings. Come learn to fly at the world famous Shelar site, discover a whole new wondrous world of paragliding & free flight, spend the day learning to fly and enjoying the thrill of solo flight and end the session with a cup of chai served to you by the one and only Shelar mama against the backdrop of a glorious sunset and a sky filled with colorful gliders peacefully soaring about. We are open every single day through the month of May.

P1 pilots now’s a great time to take that extra step towards making paragliding your hobby. The winds are perfect for you to get started with your P2 course and you can look forward to laminar winds, sweet conditions and extended soaring flights.

P2 pilots welcome! You have made it to the Nirvana Flying Club. It is with you in mind that we have maintained large stocks of flyable equipment so land up for the weekend stay at Native Place, rent out equipment from us and have a fantastic time as you did during your course. All at special rates for our Nirvana club members so let the good times roll. Write to Sanjay for full details and bookings. Check - Class of 2005-06

Tandem Paragliding weekends have become a popular weekend option for discerning people looking for a weekend in the outdoors – the back packers club visited us last month for a weekend of relaxation at native place, meeting pilots and students, and going to the flying site with the nirvana team for an afternoon of high flying without having to go through the learning process.Check Tandem Rides

We have upgraded the Native Place pictures to give you a better look at the Cool Hangout Spaces we have created for you to relax and unwind in when you are not caught up with the excitement of the site.

This year we have had 2 foreign clubs use our infrastructure and services at Kamshet. Native Place and Nirvana Adventures played host to Philippe Grimpaillou and his groups of French and Belgian pilots who came to enjoy the Kamshet skies. Then there was Peder with his group from Sweden. All went home with great flights, experiences, stories and plans to be back.

Monsoon Pilot Meet - August is slated for the annual pilot get together at Native Place this time, and although it will not be flyable at that time stunningly beautiful misty mountains, silver waterfalls and bubbling clear streams along with the soothing greenery will keep you sated ( not to mention the great food at native place ) And if you are still not happy we have some brand new flying videos expected to keep your spirits going. has floated a forum to keep pilots in India connected and strengthen the bonds of the Indian paragliding community. It is open to pilots from all over the the country and the international paragliding community as well. Please register.

Once more we urge you to get out here and enjoy the freedom of the skies.

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Peace Bliss & Happy Landings

Sanjay & the Nirvana Team

Bookings: Mail us with preferred dates and phone numbers so we can reserve a slot for you. Advance Bookings are open for courses, paragliding weekends and flying holidays through the season to the end of May.

Call: Sanjay or Astrid
Mumbai: +91 22 26053724 / 26493110, Mobile: +91 9323708809,
Kamshet: +91 2114 266187 / 266278