Gorakhgad trek 25 feb 2007 by natureknights

Gorakhgad - The challenger! 25 Feb

The challenger!
By www.natureknights.com

In the movie 7 years in Tibet, when Dalai
Lama asks the hero what he likes about
climbing; he replies
"It is during climbing one gets focused, forgets all confusion, lights become sharper, sounds become clearer. It is this time one feel the deep and powerful presence of life.”

Gorakhgad named after the saint Gorakhnath, is a small fort which gives you the taste of exactly same feeling. So to feel the might of the fort Nature Knights is planning to accept the challenge and reach those heights on 25th Feb this year.

The Adventure
To reach Gorakhgad, one can travel to Murbad via Kalyan. Reach village Dhasai from Mhase junction. From here, private jeeps as well as S.T. buses are available to reach the village of Dehri. Village Dehri can also be reached from Murbad via Milhe. Right from Dehri village two prominent pinnacles can be seen. The smaller one is Machchindragad and bigger one is Gorakhgad.

Fort Gorakhgad had strategic importance during the reign of Shahaji Raje. However, no major battle is recorded to have taken place here.It was used in Shivaji’s era to patrol the nearby region and was used as a stopover station during the journey to Junnar via Naneghat which was a very important commercial route. Though small in size, there is enough availability water and a lot of space for accommodation.

Two cisterns can be seen just after emerging through the entrance and the path climbs up further ahead. Further, a small step-way descends down to the large caves that are carved out in the main rock of the pinnacle. The trek to the caves is an easy climb, but the pinnacle is what makes the fort look so tempting to climb.The top of the fort is very small. There is a small Mahadeo temple with Nandi. A wide region ranging from Siddhagad and Machchindragad up to Ahupe Ghat and Jeevdhan in the Naneghat area towards north can be seen from the fort-top.

The Schedule
25th Feb, 2007
6 am Andheri (W) Station (near Ahura bakery S.V. Road)
6.30 am Bandra Kalanagar Juntion
6.45 am Sion Station (Opposite Sion Lunch Home)
7.45 am Thane
9.00 am Dehri Village
9.00-9.30 am Introduction & Induction for the trek
12.00 pm Reach main cave
1.00-3.00pm Climbing the pinnacle & fort exploration
3.30 pm Start for Base
5.30 pm Freshen up and start for Mumbai
9.30 pm Reach Andheri

* The charges do not include any meals or Snacks.
Breakfast at Kalyan junction
Pre-packed lunch on the fort. (Please carry your lunch)
Evening tea on route

Suggestions for packed lunch: (Sandwiches); Thepla & Potato Vegetable; Roti; Boiled Eggs; Ready to eat canned food; home cooked roti / dry vegetable; Puran Poli; Bread / Cheese slice / spread; Potato Vada; Bread; etc you can get creative; We will have multi-cultural buffet. You can carry tetra packed buttermilk.

track pants , full sleeves t-shirt spare shorts, socks.

Packing your stuff
Pack all to carry items in Backpack; lightweight on bottom and topside of bag; heavy items towards shoulder and closer to body. Use compression straps if you have them in your backpacks. Capacity of bag should be 40 to 60 liters.

Feet wear
Sports shoes with rubber sole or trekking shoes; carry spare slippers or floaters. No high heals allowed.

Other essentials in your survival kit
1) 3 meter x 3 meter plastic sheet (will be available in any hardware store) or local market
2) Hand Sanitizer
3) Torch
4) Pocket Knife (Preferably Swiss Knife or equivalent)
5) Towel (light) and carry one cloth, useful for wiping dirt.
6) Walking Cane (should be 65% to 70% of your height – strong and light)
7) Emergency money (Rs. 500/- per head)
8) One bundle of 5 mm Nylon or 3 mm Carnamental ropes (around 10 meter).
9) Carry a note pad and two ball pens for your diary writing.

Goodies & nice to have
You may also carry goodies like camera; small - binoculars, magnifying glasses and pocket field guide to make most of the trip.

Start and End – Date & Time
Start of Event:
Date: February 25, 2007
Time: 6 am
Place: Andheri Station
Anticipated End of event:
Date: February 25, 2007 evening 9 to 10 pm at Andheri.

Contribution per head
Contribution Rs. 400/= for members and Rs. 500/- for nonmembers. Only 20 seats available kindly reserve your seats well in advance. The above charges include transport, trek management charges and climbing equipment usage charges. Food is not included in the charges.

Transport: Private Bus/Jeep
For registration drawn a cheque on : “Nature Knights – ICICI Bank Account Number 041205000027” Drop the cheque in any ICICI ATM Cheque drop box Or Simply do an electronic fund transfer. Our Banking branch is Versova. SMS us your name and payment details Cancellation Charges: Any cancellations after February 21, 2007 will only get 60% refund. Members / Non-members registering/paying on the day of journey (Feb 25, 2007) will have to contribute Rs.450 and Rs.550 respectively. Kindly carry only cash for last minute registration/payments.

To know more about us visit: www.natureknights.com

Eco-Tourism Etiquettes
Camps organized by “Nature Knights” are in the eco / culturally - sensitive area like Sanctuaries, Jungles, and places of Historical importance. While visiting these places we should blend into the community of Original Inhabitants and respect their culture and sentiments. We strongly believe in traveling in small groups, and follow the principle leave only footprints and take only memories. Eco-Adventure Code Forest and mountains by its very nature implies certain code of conduct to be adhered and we need to blend with these rules to make the trip safe and enjoyable for individuals and the groups

No littering we take back all that we carry.
Do not shout at, harass or feed animals. Your silence will help you appreciate and enjoy the jungle environment better. Do not carry radios and walkmans, the sound may not only distract animals but also you would not be able to hear / senses the beauty or the beast in the Jungle.

Unless necessary; do not pick up dead wood, chop wood or pick flowers and plants. This may seriously damage the forest ecosystem balance.

Alcohol / Drugs not allowed
Avoid smoking during nature trials, this could cause forest fire or also distract the animals, as their sense of smell is far greater than ours. Do not carry very expensive items which are not necessary like jewelry, very flashy clothes etc. At the end always report on time for scheduled events and do not forget to enjoy selves and have a great adventure with new and old friends in Nature Knights Family.

Take initiative in participating for all group activities, your teaminitiatives will make the trip more memorable for you and others. Be a team player, do not be a city snob. Be responsible for yourself and others. Stay with the group; never cross the designated lead person and never lag behind the last person designated. Remain with the group, venturing out on your own could prove to be dangerous.

How to prepare your self for any treks?
Go through the “What to carry?” matrix while packing your backpack. Carry personal medical kit, even though general first aid kit is available with the group. Rehearse packing and un-packing of your bags with proposed items to be packed (Remember - every item has a place, every item in its place); check the weight of your bag. You have to carry this weight for 4 to 5 hours of trek; do not carry items not required.

Fitness – Most important
1) Start walks 3 to 4 times per week; go for 45 minutes to 60 minutes brisk walk. If you can go for walks with your backpack or smaller bags, it would be the best way to prepare.
2) Do stretching exercise (stiff body can break down easily).
3) Built strength training (weights or GYM or at least do Surya Namaskar; Pushups; Squats and Stomach Crunches). 20 minutes 3 to 4 times per week is OK.
4) Eat good food (have 3 to 4 servings of vegetable or fruit salads per day).
5) Pranayam – Breathing exercise for developing stronger lungs. Research – Browse net; talk to friends who may have gone to proposed location; investigate publications etc.
If you have purchased a new shoe for trek, start wearing it at least 10 to 15 days in advance to get used to the new shoe. Most important; reach at the designated meeting place on correct place; time and date. Good Bye and take care.
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Know more about us at: www.natureknights.com