River Rafting at Kolad 28th / 29th of april 2007

From: Yogi [mailto:ceo@thebackpackerco.com]

Hey Guys,

First an awe inspiring vineyard camp out!
Then came an amazing Paragliding weekend at Kamshet!!
Next up -
The Mocha Backpacker Club
A Rocking River Rafting experience at Kolad on the 28/29th weekend!!!

Kolad is a scenic locale, 150 km away from Amchi Mumbai, approximately a two
and a half hour driveon the mumbai - goa highway.
Apart from the wild and whacky River Rafting, You can try your hand at
tandem Kayaking after which an adventurous river crossing experience awaits

That's not all!!!

Other activities at the camp site will include a Snake Alive Wildlife
Interactive Program as well as a Silent Night trail ( without TORCHES ), so
you can spook or get spooked while on it!!!

The cost for the entire trip will be R.4,000/- + 125/- (service tax)
inclusive of travel, lodging ( all veg menu ), boarding, river rafting,
kayaking, river crossing, Snake Alive Wildlife Interactive Program as well
as a Silent Night trail.

No refund is applicable for cancellations and seats are LIMITED to a FIRST

So, Get ready for this wet n wild adventure with The Backpacker Co!!!

For registerations and queries, pl contact Yogi on 9820027727 and write to
us at ceo@thebackpackerco.com

You can also check out our website www.thebackpackerco.com
for information about our BACKPACK EUROPE
and other trips. also do take a minute and join in the travel bug community,
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Yogi, Suchna & The Backpacker Co Team.