Rock Climbing 13th May Eco-Organic Farm Camp 19th and 20th May 2007

Weekend Summer Adventures
Get to where the real action is...
Rock Climbing / Rappelling (for Students ages 7 yrs. to 14 yrs. ONLY)
At : Borivali National Park
On : Saturday, 12th May
Assembly time : 07:30 hrs.
Cost : Rs. 580/-
Grade : Easy to Medium

Rock Climbing / Rappelling (for Adults above 18 yrs. ONLY)

At : Palasdhari (Karjat)
On : Sunday, 13th May
Assembly time : 06:45 hrs.
Cost : Rs. 950/- per person
Grade : Medium
Eco-Organic Farm Camp (open to ALL ages)

At : Camp Harit, Vikramgad
On : 19th and 20th May
Activities : Learn all about medicinal herbs, organic farming, vermiculture, flora, fauna...
Most important, here’s a unique opportunity to dirty your hands, dig into soil, PARTICIPATE IN FARM
ACTIVITIES – farm gear and implements provided
Cost : Rs. 1240/- (ONE day)
Rs. 2270/- (TWO days)
Grade : Easy
Kindly drop us a line for details on the above-mentioned trips.
Thank you!!

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