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36th Annual Rock Climbing Camp of Girivihar

The 36th Annual Rock Climbing Camp of Girivihar will be held from December 23-28, 2007 at CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai.
Spread the word and help us in making both events a grand success.

The camp is open to anyone above 14 years of age.
Those interested can contact us at Phone Number given in the Contact us Page.
Admission is on first-come-first-served basis. So please inform at the earliest.

General Information about Girivihar Rock Climbing Camp:
About Girivihar

Girivihar, set up in 1964, is one of India's most reputed mountaineering clubs. Long before anyone had heard of adventure sports, a group of students and professors formed the Bombay University Hikers' Club in 1954. A decade later, to expand the activities of the Club beyond the campus, they formed Girivihar. Already a pioneering venture in its very formulation, the Club soon acquired an enviable reputation in the mountaineering field. Several top Indian mountaineers have been associated with the Club. Today Girivihar boasts an unmatched track record. Our members have been on innumerable first ascents in the Sahyadris, several treks in uncharted Himalayan territory and many major Himalayan expeditions, including Mt. Everest and Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. But that is only half the story. The other side of the picture is Girivihar's social commitment. We believe in ethical, minimum-impact mountaineering. Our effort has always been to put something back in the social kitty through the medium we know best - the mountains and adventure. So be it a water reservoir conservation project on a hill fort, or a peace mission on a mountain bike to Hiroshima, Girivihar has done it all. Our Annual Adventure Camp is one such venture.
The Venue

GIRIVIHAR has been conducting Annual Rock Climbing Training Camps for youth of age 14 years and above. The 35th Annual Rock Climbing Camp of Girivihar will be held from December 24-29, 2006 at CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai.
The Activities

The Adventure Camp includes the following activities/sessions, conducted by experts:

General Introduction: The children are introduced to each other and to the instructors. Two to Four groups are formed such that each group has distribution. The choose their own group leader who changes every day. The layout of the campsite and the rules (a few for safety and hygiene) are explained.
Rope craft and Equipment Introduction: Basic knots are demonstrated, taught and practiced. All equipment is shown and its functions and features are explained. This helps children use it confidently and often sparks their curiosity.
Rock Climbing: After an expert demonstration, the children get to try a hand at climbing a nearly vertical rock face using their hands, feet and wits. First rate equipment and a strong rope make sure it's safe. Various grades of rock are available to challenge every child regardless of innate ability.
Rappelling: Also known as abseiling, this is the technique employed by mountaineers to descend vertical rock faces rapidly, using a rope. Standing atop a forty-foot rock wall, the kids, often with quivering knees and loud wails of protest are pushed beyond the point of no return. Soon, the wails turn into squeals of delight and they cannot get enough.

The Food

Girivihar has more kitchens experience than most accomplished homemakers do! Out in the wild, getting the food right is vitally important. And we have been doing it without a hitch for years. A meticulously planned vegetarian menu ensures a proper dietary balance. Export-quality vegetables are prepared under hygienic conditions by a team of local cooks, supervised by a dedicated kitchen manager. Low-grease, low-spice cooking means the food is suitable for the children. Fluid intake is monitored to maintain electrolyte balance.
The Instructors

The team of instructors is a seasoned team of dedicated experts. Between us we have nearly a century of outdoor experience! Even the most junior instructor has at least half a decade of experience. All instructors are trained in First Aid and rescue and evacuation procedures. Before each Camp the instructors undergo a rigorous refresher course to keep skills sharp. An ideal instructor-trainee ratio of about 1:5 is maintained. There are enough female instructors to care of girls' special needs.

The outdoors are great fun. But they can be quite risky too. Girivihar has over the decades, enjoyed an enviable safety record. We are committed to your child's safety in several ways. We use world-class equipment. All our equipment is specially imported and replaced frequently. Only the leading brands of equipment are purchased. A dedicated expert is responsible for the storage and maintenance of all our hardware. And we might add that the stuff is designed for abuse. A carabineer, for instance, can take a load of 2.2 tons! And it takes over 1,500 kg to snap our ropes!
But this is just the hardware of safety. The software is the team of instructors, their decades of high-grade, high-risk mountain experience and their second-nature approach to safety. Add to that transport on round-the-clock standby, a First Aid kit designed by a doctor who is also a mountaineer and a standing agreement with the local health centre for priority treatment, and you have a Camp that's as safe as a house.