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Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering Uttarkashi COURSES

Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering Uttarkashi
"Training at India's & Asia's Prestigeous Mountaineering Institute."

NIM has completed 40 years of existence. Training Mountaineers has always been raisen d'etre of this Institute. Over the years, thousands of Indians and hundreds of Foreigners have passed through the portals of this great Institution.

Although one of the youngest Institute of India, it has today striven forth to become India's 'sheet anchor ' in the field of mountaineering. The demanding and stringent training standards, excellent administration, unflinching loyalty, dedication and competency of the staff, has put NIM not only as the foremost Institution of India, but also one of the finest in the world.

The aim of the Institute is to introduce and initiate young men, women and school children to the mountains and nature through its various Mountaineering and Adventure training courses. Special emphasis is laid on instilling the concept of Adventure sports, without causing environmental degradation.

The Nehru Institute of Mountaineering was established at Uttarkashi on 14 Nov 1965 to honor the great desire of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, who was an ardent mountain lover. The proposal to have a Mountaineering Institute at Uttarkashi was mooted by the Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India and Govt. of U.P. in 1964.

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Updated course info
Basic Mountaineering

209 (Gents) 13/Sep/2009
to 10/Oct/2009
5000 /-
17 - 35 years

210 (Mixed) 18/Oct/2009
to 14/Nov/2009
5000 /-
17 - 35 years

173 (Mixed)27/Oct/2009
to 10/Nov/2009
3000 /-
21 - 40 Years

174 (Boys)01/Dec/2009
to 15/Dec/2009
3000 /-
14-18 Years

175 (Girls)04/Dec/2009
to 18/Dec/2009
3000 /-
14-18 Years


Training Courses: The Institute conducts following training courses in one training calender year :

*Basic Mountaineering Courses - Duration 28 days(for Gents & Ladies separately).

*Advance Mountaineering Courses - " 28 days(for Gents & Ladies separately).

*Search & Rescue Course - " 20 days(Co educational training).

* Method of Instructions Course - " 20 days (Co educational training).

* Adventure Course - " 15 days(for Girls & Teachers).

* Adventure Course - " 15 days(for Boys & Teachers).

Training is conducted in two seasions i.e.Pre-Monsoon Mar-Jul and Post-Monsoon (Sep-dec)every year.


The objects of the Basic course are:-

* To teach the basic techniques of movements on rock, snow and ice.

*To teach the theoretical and practical aspects of Mountaineering and allied subject.

* To create a correct attitude amongst the trainees so that they may view mountaineering as an art and not exclusively as a physical activity.

* To stimulate them on incentive to higher endeavour.

* To make available to the trainees suitable and relevan literature and reading material on mountaineering in the NIM campus and training area.

* To teach them how to make themselves comfortable and preserve their health in new environments.

* To teach conservation of Himalayan environments.

* To toughen up their bodies by increasing their resistance to cold, hunger and fatigue.

An aspiring mountaineer is conditioned and shaped here by this course lasting 28 days, 19 to 20 of which are spent on the mountains and attempt on a peak of upto 6000M/20000ft. Trainees who qualify with "A" grading from NIM,Uttarkashi,HMI,Darjeeling,JIM,Aru are eligible for attending an Advance course at this Institute.


Advance Mountaineering course aims at training the students for becoming potential leaders and members of the expeditions. The duration of this course also is 28 days. Besides brushing up their basic techniques the following are incorporated-

* Advance techniques of movement on rock,snow and ice.

* Planning an expedition in Himalaya.

* Scientific and technical aspects of mountaineering and allied subjects.

* Students are given an exercise groupwise for planning an expedition to attempt an alloted peak above 6000M/20000ft.which is actually executed by them in the mountains of Garhwal Himalaya.


The aim of S & R Course is to produce future guides for the Search and Rescue missions in the Himalaya. This course is for 20 days and is conducted alongwith the Advance Mountaineering course in progress. Practical training is imparted with the project methods and by simulating situations very close to the real emergencies. NIM is the only Institute in India conducting this course.


The aim of this course is to prepare the mountaineers with "A" grading in the basic as well as Advance Mountaineering course for becoming future Instructors. The duration of the course is 20 days. Besides the theory, practical training is imparted by giving them sufficient opportunities to handle the students of Basic and Advance course under the supervision and guidance of the experienced training staff.


The object of the adventure course is to stimulate a spirit to reveal and develop the sturdier qualities os character, both physical and mental to instill a sense of comradeship, discipline, selflessness, service to the community, self-reliance,physical fitness and the ability to think and live adventurously.

It is a course for young boys and girls for 15 days duration. The Institute conducts this course for young deaf & dumb also. One adventure course is for the ladies, mainly teachers.

The pillars of training are:-

* Mountain trekking

* Rock Climbing

* Watermanship

* Survival

* Bushcraft

*Map reading and orienteering Leadership.

* Nature study

* Ecology and Environmental impacts

* River Rafting

(IMF) Indian Institute of Mountaineering, Anand Niketan, Chanakya puri, New Delhi. Now first the most sought for: NIM...There are five slots for the basic course to begin..for 'gents' and 'ladies' separately. the age limit is 17-35 years. the brochure and the forms are available at IMF. in person or by post. the fee is Rs 4000 for indians. fax: 0091-1374-223344; ;telephone. 222123, 224663
then comes the second: Himalayan Mountaineering Institute at Darjeeling. six courses for women togather but also one separately for women. Rs 4000/-. forms available at IMF, or HMI. telephone 91-354-2254087,2254299,2254268; fax: 91-354-2253760;email:,; website:
there's another institute at Manali, Himachal Pradesh..five time slots for basic and women separately. Rs 3600/-. 17 years onwards. telephone: 91-1902-252342, 252206, 253789; fax: 91-1902-252137;; website:
forms for all are available at IMF, or the institute itself.

DMAS has directorate at Manali and centres at different locations in Himachal Pradesh. Contact details for all offices of DMAS is as follows.
Directorate of Mountaineering and
Allied Sports,
Manali, HP - 175131 ( INDIA )
Phone: 01902-250377, 252342,
252206 Fax: 252137

Regional Mountaineering Centre,
Swarag Ashram, Mcleodganj,
Dharamshala, Kangra, HP - 176216
Phone: 01892-221787

Regional Water Sports Centre,
PO Sansarpur Terrace,
Pong Dam, Kangra, HP - 176501
Phone: 01893-288956

Winter Sports Skiing Centre,
PO Palchan, Manali, Kullu, HP
Phone: 01902-256011
Mountaineering Sub Centre,
Jispa, Lahaul Spiti, HP - 175132
Phone: 01900-233230

Mountaineering Sub Centre,
Bharmaur, Chamba, HP - 176315
Phone: 01895-225036
High Altitude Trekking-Skiing Centre,
Narkanda, Shimla, HP - 171213
Phone: 01782-242406

Water Sports Centre,
Bilaspur, HP
Phone: 01978-223381
Adventure Sports Centre,
Hatkoti, Jubbal, Shimla, HP
Phone: 01781-238839