The Kalypso Training Programme

Kalypso Tented Camp at Munnar
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Corporate Games
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The Pipeline to Success

At Kalypso Training, we are passionate about bringing out the best in people. Special team building events, adventure activities, leadership development and management training services are our forte. Based out of Cochin, Kerala, Kalypso Training also serves as a valuable resource to meeting planners countrywide, offering action-learning programmes for corporate meetings, conferences and conventions.

Due to our exceptional network of consultants, presenters, trainers and affiliates we are able to provide superior services in a broad range of areas addressing the human dimension of business.


Raft Building. Can we make a raft with bamboos and drums and actually cross a river using the raft? The participants, formed in different teams, are asked to design, build and operate a raft with limited resources which are available. The market forces of supply, demand and prices are built into the scenario. The activity focuses on brain storming, idea generation, identification of strengths of individual team members, leadership, managerial skill, communication and strong team cohesion.

Spider Web. Imagine getting through few ropes tied like a spider’s web. The challenge in this activity is not really the physical strength, but raising the team to an extraordinary level of trust, planning, communication and coordination.

River Crossing. Crossing a river by monkey crawling on a rope tied above it may sound a daunting task, even with the proper gear. But at the Kalypso Camp, all individuals, irrespective of their physical fitness or gender are able to do it with ease due to the enthusiasm, determination and the bonding achieved by the team.

Catapult. Make a free standing structure and launch a ball 25 metres. Innovation and optimizing the strengths of the team are the key to achieving this task.

Globalisation, Information Technology Revolution and Urbanisation have pushed today’s teenagers into a highly competitive environment where academic progress has become more or less the only criteria for determining success.

In order to focus on the aspects of Character and Personality Development, Kalypso Training has brought to Kerala a radically different and thoroughly enjoyable Youth Development Programme designed for children between 15 to 20 years age. It is a programme which is based on Fun and Adventure, but lots of learning as well. It has the ingredients to nurture and give direction to the young minds.

The standard programme is a 3 nights/4days programme at the Kalypso Training Camp near Munnar. Children live in tents on a hilltop, trek hills, camp out overnight, build rafts to cross rivers and experience a wide range of adventure skills like rappelling and river crossing on ropes. In addition, number of fun based games and activities liven up every moment they spend at Kalypso. Every now and then, experienced trainers help the children to discover and acquire valuable knowledge from these activities. The activities are carried out under the supervision of ex- Defence Officers ensuring strict compliance with all safety measures.

The programmes instill Team spirit, Leadership qualities, self confidence, communication skill and bring about a dramatic improvement in the manner in which they face any situation in life.

The Kalypso Youth development Camp is a memorable experience which is not only exciting but also a valuable learning process effective all through life.

While application of technical knowledge can be trained on machines and simulators, practical training in Behavioural Sciences is severely limited. Though Case studies, Role Play etc attempt to bridge the gap to an extent, they are constrained by lack of reality, limited involvement and several other factors. At Kalypso Training, we have programmes tailor made to suit the academic fraternity, facilitating experiences through activities and games to get a practical insight to ‘Behavioural Sciences’ and ‘Group Dynamics’.

Our carefully and logically designed activities help students to reflect upon the experiences, conceptualise desired responses and experiment in future experiences. The programmes bring about dramatic changes in Individual behavioural patterns and Team processes in addition to reinforcing the theories and principles studied in the class rooms.

The standard programme involves a 2 nights/ 3 days programme at the scenic Kalypso training Camp near Munnar. (Duration and Location can be amended to suit the client) Participants live in tents, trek hills to camp out overnight, build rafts to cross rivers and involve themselves in a wide range of experiential exercises. Fun and Adventure based outdoor activities which emphasise ‘Team Cohesion’, ‘Managerial and Leadership Skill’, and ‘Communication and Interpersonal Skill’ help individuals to discover knowledge, bring about constructive changes in behaviour, and commit themselves to a recurring learning cycle. Experienced trainers facilitate the learning process and help participants to understand as to how the knowledge acquired can be effectively applied for overall development.

The Kalypso Training Programme would be of immense benefit to all Professional College students, particularly those practising Management studies. The programme takes the participants through a memorable experience filled with fun and learning, reinforces their understanding of Behavioural Sciences and Management, sharpens their skills, and brings about a radical transformation in their attitude and functioning.