Bhramanti Rules & Regulations:

Rules & Regulations:

Every participant has to follow the guidelines passed to him/her during the Trek.
All participants have to convey their confirmation to the leader at the given number one week before the activity.
All members have to take care of his/her belonging; we will not be held responsible for the loss of accessories.
Since we are not aware of participant medical history we suggest you to carry your medicine along with you while in the travel.
We request everybody to follow the checklist mentioned specifically made for such treks.
All participants have to follow certain mountain manners during the trek to enjoy more.
All participants must keep Nature as clean as possible.
Alcohol consumption is strictly not allowed during the trek
Any changes in the schedule due to natural calamities all have to accept & follow up accordingly.
The club will not be responsible for any accident during such activities, though we will try to take maximum precaution & care.
All participants need to see the trek should be more enjoyable rather than feeling the pain caused due to the trek.
Participant can share their knowledge related to Nature Conservation, Flora-Fauna & Photography in the rest time during the trek.
Leader has to submit an Activity report within a week after completion of the same in the specified format to keep the activity log to the club.
All members have to pay Rs. 10/- trek fee per day for the trek, which he/she is participating. Guest members need to pay Rs. 15/- additional fee, which means Rs. 25/-. All participants will share the actual expenses.
Membership Fee for 2005-2006:

Type Annual Special Life
Membership 100/- 500/- 1000/-
Registration 25/- 25/- 25/-
Total 125/- 525/- 1025/-

Mountain Manners:

Walk in a Single line.
Not to litter on the trek route.
Don’t talk unnecessarily while trekking.
Respect the bypassers. Greet the villagers. Allow them to alight/pass first.
Never rest on the open end of the mountain or loose rocks.
Respect Mountains, Respect Nature.