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About us

"For a better future, we shall protect the nature"

This is our slogan, loosely translated from Marathi (displayed above)! Striving continuously to live up to our slogan, with limited manpower and resources we have successfully organized various projects in nature conservation, protection and education.

Our mission

Nature conservation through field protection, awareness, education and scientific based action.

A bit of history

In the year 1992, SNM started its work in the western region of Konkan, Maharashtra state, India. In the beginning we concentrated on nature education by arranging slide shows, exhibitions, competitions and lectures for locals, especially youth. Since then we have regularly undertaken conservation and research projects for flora and fauna in the Konkan. We are also working on breeding biology of birds in the area and status survey of different bird species. We are trying to coordinate between NGOs, individuals and locals from the entire coastline to strengthen this movement.

In 1996 we started work on Whitebellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) and completed its status survey in two districts of Maharashtra. From 1996 to 2000 we monitored the nests of this eagle in every breeding season. In 2000 we studied its breeding biology using close circuit camera. Since then we are working on its conservation.

Nests of Indian swiftlets
In 2001 we discovered an international smuggling racket involving the nests of Indian Swiftlets (Collocalia unicolor). The location was Vengurla rocks, an offshore island, some 20 kms. from the town of Vengurla in Sindhudurga district. We informed the Forest department and they arrested five poachers on the island. Legal action is in progress. For two years we fought for the inclusion of this species in Schedule I of Wildlife (Protection) Act 1971. Now the species is included in schedule I! Vengurla rocks island is also a breeding ground for Terns. Normally, it is a difficult task to access the rocks during the breeding season (Monsoon) of terns. We were the first to visit the rocks on 6th June 2001, and reported a more authentic record of the birds' breeding. Each year we visit the rocks and observe breeding colony and its safety status.

Conservation of Marine turtle in Maharashtra
In the year 2002, SNM started marine turtle conservation project first time in Maharashtra, India. During the 2002-03 breeding season we managed to protect 50 nests of Olive Ridley turtles and released 2734 hatchlings into the sea. Since 2004 we have extended this project to the entire 720 km coast line of Maharashtra and from 152 protected nests released a total of 7610 hatchlings into the sea. We arranged an awareness campaign in coastal villages and even started to issue the "Kasav Mitra" (Turtle friend) award from 2004. In February 2006, we published "Marine Turtle - Conservation and Protection" a booklet in Marathi. This is an ongoing project.

Whitebacked Vulture study
Since 2005 we are studying the whitebacked vultures (Gyps bengalensis). This bird is classified as critically endangered by IUCN and its population is declining throughout India. High breeding mortality and some viral infection are the main cause. We decided to monitor its nesting colony and started work with the help of BNHS (Bombay Natural History Society). We found nesting colonies in Murud and Anjarla, Dist. Ratnagiri and continue to monitor them. After surveying the Ratnagiri district we found out some more nests of whitebacked vulture. We are also studying breeding colonies to find out the threats to this species.

Other projects
SNM undertakes regular research projects like breeding biology or status survey of different birds species in Konkan. Please see the other activities page for more information.

Other activities

  • Organizing the "Konkan Friends of Birds" meet
  • Running a Nature library for students (free of cost)
  • Conducting Nature education programs in Maharashtra
  • Arranging Nature trails for students periodically
  • Undertaking study of medicinal plants
  • Tree plantation
  • Arranging exhibitions and slide shows about nature
  • Maintaining a list of birds found in Konkan
  • Status survey of birds
  • Study of breeding biology of birds
  • Caring for injured birds
  • Running a Students nature club

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Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra
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Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra :: Address: Near Laxminarayan temple, Chiplun, District - Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India 415 605 :: Mobile: +91 94238 31700