Benefits or Advantages of Treking

Benefits or Advantages of Treking -

This is just a pick from a wonderful article from Yuva Sakal by Anand Kenjale.

Am sure many of them can’t read it, so just narrating this wonderful article for you all.

The core of the article is supplemented with the real incidences which I have experienced during my fewer treks.

There are few additions of mine own too, with the core of the article.

If someone ask me what is Nature? my answer would be a “Great Teacher’.

It not only just teaches you to find out a way through any kind of difficult situation but also brings up a great confidence and motivates one who is on urge to loose the battle with Life.

Nature or Mountains (Forts) teaches lots of things to us, but it’s on individual to grasp the learning and implement in our day today life.

So lets try to see what nature teaches us, which many of us tend to overlook.

Am sure there are lot many more benefits or learning’s, other than which I am going to list down. Few of them which were there described in article and which I can think of are as follows:

1. LeaderShip Qualities - Leaders are not born. They develop. Everyone holds the leadership qualities, but we never bring out those qualities and implement them. When we talk of leadership, which should never forget, just one man can evoke the revolution. In today’s competitive world, these are the qualities which filter you from crowd and show you the way towards success.

Treking provides you enough scope to bring up your hidden Leadership Qualities and lead the group from front.

There are many real examples to support this point.

One of them - One best friend Tushar, he never shows this tremendous quality he has in his day today life. But if you see him leading from front in all our treks specially the Torna – Raigad you will know how good leader he is.

Imagine a patch of 30 meters with pebbles, just a less than feet distance wide on a step slope between a high mountains and deep valleys of who know how many thousand meters. And you need to cross that patch, there shows the leadership quality to lead from front and give proper instructions to followers to get pass through such a difficult patch. Just a single mistake and that is your last mistake of life.

2. Self Confidence - How many peoples can you finds who trust on self and have self confidence? If you could find such peoples then am sure these are the peoples on there way towards success. Yes Self belief and confidence is an another key towards success. Hence you will find many good books or articles which you prefer to read just to lift your confidence. Few of them even attain the lectures of great saints for same purpose. But do this will really help, am sure not to the extend which you can achieve it through Treking.

Always remember the journey of 1000 miles starts with your single step. During trek you have a target your destiny, which you march forward with help of each others confidence traveling along with you. This confidence will always raise high as you move towards your destiny. Once you achieve your target, your Self Confidence will be soon touching the skies. Your confidence is so high just because you successful reach your destiny in spite of so many difficulties which you defeating on our way to your destiny.

One of the examples – Trek to Harishchandra gadh, only 2 of us on trek myself and Amit. Rain is pouring from top, a huge rock patch covered with slippery fungus and myself and Amit in hanging in between that rocky patch with 15kgs of bags on your back. You slip down once and you sleep forever. Amit slips his feet and thank god he could just hold him back holding a tree root. Get out of that situation was not possible without his Self Confidence and great effort. He is out of that and then we pass through many such difficult patches without any problems.

3. Decision taking ability - Taking right decision at right time will keep up always at the top of success ladder.

During treking you will come across many such situations where your decision making ability will get highlight. These are the situations where without getting demoralized you have great scope to show your decision making power. These experiences of taking right decision at right time during difficult situations helps us to solve very effortless many problems in our day today life.

One of the examples – Katraj – Singhgadh night trek. We reach at the end of one mountain ranges and we have to go on another. But no way visible to get through the deep valley separating these 2 mountain ranges. We sat for around 15 mins, thinking of weither we are all together on a wrong path, did we left the correct path long behind and many more. It was time to take a right decision weither to walk back or go forward and look for right path. Finally a decision was taken not to move back but get forward and that helped us to find a right path. Its difficult to put in words how important was that decision.

4. Cooperation (Team Work) -

Treking is one thing if you do it alone you can never enjoy the success. It’s a team or group of peoples needed to make it a successful trek. You come across many peoples of all different nature and profession. You work together in these few days of treking in spite of all variety. It creates a different relation a unique bonding between all of us. It teaches you to love human kind.

Trust on your group member, you have to because you don’t have any other option. Imagine you on rocky patch and you slip your feet and you can’t make a single move. In this situation you have to trust your group member, who provides you support to get pass that patch.

One for the examples – Rajgad – Torna trek, just a last difficult patch to cross and we safe at feet of Torna. It was very slippery patch and being a last it was more difficult for me to get through it. And I couldn’t, just slipped over those pebbles and hanging just above few thousands meters above deep valley. Well thanks to Tushar to get forward and gave his helping hand to pull me out of that. It was sheer Trust on him which led me to remove my hand stick to rock and hand it to him to pull me up.

5. Time Management - In this Fast Pace world the only mantra is “Time Management”. As good is Time Management that good will being the results.

Right before the start of Treking till the end of it, it’s a test of your “Time Management”. It tests how efficiently you manage your time to make it a successful trek. This teaches you a good Management lessons free of cost and with lot of fun.

What can be the best example of Time Management, then our great Torna – Raigad 2 day trek. We first in that season to find out our path through that unknown dense forest and rocky patches. Still manage to complete the trek comfortably as planned.

6. Self Dependent - Just imagine your watching a World Cup Football finals at home and your thirsty, am sure you will just ask your mom or your wife or if you have servant to get a glass of water, which is just couple of meters away from you. Now imagine you are on Fort, there you even don’t need to be thirsty to get yourself water which is atleast 50 meters away. You not only will get water yourself but will also cook food, wash utensils, prepare your bed, even help others in there work, and lot many things. Yes you get a feel of working together, all works together to make it a successful and enjoyable trek.

No doubt this habit of Self Service becomes part of your character even in day today life.

7. Patience/Mental strength – Just imagine your started your trek without knowing how much distance you need to walk. You keep on walking for couple od days, your destiny is in your sites but still too far to travel. That tests your patience and Mental Strength because you don’t have any option other than reaching there to the Top.

Inspite of loosing our way almost 4 times, still me kept our nerves to find a right path and make the Torna- Raigad trek successful. It was the time which tested our patience and Mental Strength to get through it.

8. Communication Skill - Communication skill is a very important part of day today’s life. This reflects your attitude your confidence and helps to creates an unique image of your for others listening you.

During treking you come across many groups or peoples ranging from all ages. Few are young, few are very old, many are new, from different professions… a big variety of peoples you can always come across during treking. You have to stand in front of all of them and start communicating, because that is a need of time. You have to talk with them for some very imp information or just a casual talk. This experience will definitely get rid of your fear factor while communicating with any big group or any kind of person. It will help you to improve your communication skill.

9. Culture or Tradition - When you go out in mountains and valleys, when you come across totally different living life styles of poor villagers, when you come across there culture, when you come across there problems and difficulties .. then we realize what we have and what we owe to give them. This starts a different journey of life, a journey to realize how luxurious life we have, a journey to feel there problems as our problem, a journey to realize our happiness and satisfaction when we make them happy, a journey to fight for equality, a never ending journey…

10. Glimpses of History - Anytime you climb up any fort or mountain, once you reach up you will full of energy and more enthusiastic. This is the power of Forts.

You would definitely realize the efforts taken by Great “Shiv Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj” for the safety of Swaraja and you will bend to salute this Great Leader. Even if you are not aware of History, definitely you will realize its importance. That is the Power of Forts.

After seeing the plastics and garbage around forts, your mind gets disturb and there starts the new commitment for cleanliness. In front of this huge nature, you realize how tiny creature you are and that is sufficient to take away your ego and take you down to earth.

11. New Relations - Making new relation is not a coincidence. Compromises, sharing of thoughts, flexibility with your nature all these things are responsible for making new relations. There is no restriction for treking not even age. All who loves to explore the nature are part of treking group. Nature creates different relations among all trekers. Friendship or relation which is born in between these mountains, is created without any selfishness, it’s a pure relation of mankind which stays lively forever.

12. Courage – How many time do you show how much courage do you have ? I guess hardly because never the situations come to show that. But when your on trek, every step forward you take through mountains needs really very high level of courage to pass through those rocky steep patches. It not only shows your courage but also increases your Confidence tremendously.

13. Health/Mental Peace - Who won’t like to get rid of this noisy and crowdy life. Who won’t like to take a break from this polluted air. Who won’t like to find a place to relax and get a mental peace.

Where can one find such a place other than in these Mountains. It will keep me mentally fresh, away from all mental stress. Also you climb up to keep all your muscles strong and body in good health. No need to curse yourself for the big tummy.

14. Fun and Entertainment – And the last and not the least part your enjoyment and entertainment. The camp fires, songs, music, games and lot more. Keeps your mood all the fresh and get helps to get rid of all the fatigue, due to continuous walking.

Thanks for being patient through this article.

I am sure who already did a trek would recall there memories and map different incidences which shows all the above learning’s.

And one who never been on trek, should definitely try doing one and see how different these Management lessons are from those which you take in 4 walls.

Its not just learning’s but more of fun which teaches you lot many things.

Do give a Try !!!!