Bhramanti treks April May

"Nature conservation is our Aim & Adventure is our goal"
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Sahyadri Treks/Climb
Trek Dates
Cinfirmation Date/Contact
Malhargadh Trek, Pune region
18 - 19th Apr 08
15th Apr 08 / Kiran, Kaivalya
Kudremukh Range (karnataka)
14 - 19th May 08
1st May 08 / Kiran, Kaivalya
Kiran for Treks: 09869192064
Kaivalya for Climb: 09869331490

For all our treks the participants must confirm his/her participation, well in advance to the respective leaders. We will be sending the trek details to our members, guest & interested enquiries.

How to Prepare
Before start of trek, you should be in good physical condition. If you are not doing regular exercise then you must build up stamina gradually to enjoy the treks. Taking lengths of brisk walking is a good way to begin improving agility and muscle strength. This needs to be done at least fifteen days prior to the start of the trek. If you are on regular medication, make sure that you carry the required medicines along, and intimate your trekking guide about the same.

What to Carry:
Rucksack, wind and waterproof jacket, sleeping bag, peak cap, sun glasses, anti-sunburn cream, T-shirts and shorts, trousers, socks, stockings and gloves, a swiss army knife, flashlight, a whistle and cord, adequate warm clothing. These items vary depending upon which area you visit, details are in the Trekking checklist.

Note: These programs may change with respect to availability & number of participants and for reasons beyond our control. Those who are interested to attend; may confirm at the given telephone numbers/emails. You may as well suggest new places; so that we can think over & plan accordingly. We conduct treks on non-commercial basis just to enjoy nature & to make nature awareness among the people. We do take sufficient care for not disturbing nature's cycle and ecological balance in the area of our activity as well make others aware of the same. We have experienced volunteers to make all our treks more & more enjoyable, challenging as well as knowledge base, depending upon the interest of the participants/group.
"Nature conservation is our Aim & Adventure is our goal".