Junglelore flamingo watch Saturday 3rd May08 & Sunday 4th may 2008

Dear all,

We would like to invite all nature loving people & photographers to see flamingoes on Mahul Creek on Thursday, 1st May 2008 , Saturday 3rd May08 & Sunday 4th may 2008. We are sure that this birding trail would be a memorable one for both you and "Jungle Lore".

About Place

The Mahul River, a branch of the Mithi (or Mahim) River is the remnant of what was once a much broader water channel separating the island of Parel on the south and west and Trombay on the north and east. It is now largely reduced to a thin stream, and is mostly dead and choked with garbage and debris.

Bordering the Mahul Creek on its west is the area around the village of Anik, which was reserved as coastal no-development zone, being largely saltpans and or lands flooded by the sea during very high tides and swamps populated by migratory birds. The Anik wetlands also act as sponges absorbing excessive surface runoffs during the rainy season.

Below is the Plan
For the outing to mahul creek (near mahul gaon, mumbai) to see flamingos.

We go into the creek (with a fisherman - koli) in a small diesel boat, park the same at a certain distance from the birds and then row towards the birds in a very small boat to have a closer look at them. This offers spectacular view of flamingoes & ample opportunity for photography. The boat ride will be of two hours & we shall be back to Sion station by 4 hrs.

Meeting point & time –
Place - Sion station
Time – Afternoon --- 3.30 PM Sharp on 1st May 08 .( Bank Holiday )
Morning -- 7:00 AM Sharp on 3rd May 08
(pls indicate the date while sending confirmation)
Cost – Rs. 350.00

Cost Includes Travel from Sion station to Mahul & Evening Refreshments.

For registration & confirmation, write us at junglelore@gmail.com or call on 9987126233
Kaustubh Upadhye . Mob – 09987126233

Jungle Lore Team