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Rucksack/Sleeping bags/Tents

Ok guys we have started a small firm which sells rucksacks, sleeping bag, tents etc etc. Check out the products below and also click on this link to know about rucksack and types of rucksack


I'm glad to inform you that have got into manufacturing of trekking equipments. along with the internationally famous brand Alpine.

After years of experience in preparing equipment for Himalayan expeditions we are launching a set of well tested products (for Himalayas and Sahyadris) for the first time in Mumbai.

Rucksack 60L – Rs. 2500

Specially designed for comfort and balance even for novices. Pack it any how and use it any how to still feel comfortable without loss in any balance of the sack. (Only a trekker knows where it pinches when the bag is not well packed). The bag clings your back as a monkey.

Rucksack 55L – Rs. 3000

It is an advanced design of the above with finer adjustments possible. Meant for comfort even in the toughest conditions.

Rucksack 40L – Rs. 2300

First of its kind pioneering design to be use for typical Sahyadris treks. Ideal companion for short treks.

Rucksack cover – Rs. 900

Fed up of having water seep into your bag in monsoons. Bored of send your bag being mishandled in traveling and getting dirty. This is the perfect answer to your troubles.

Sleeping bag (double fly) – Rs. 2500

Designed for comfort to even forget the warmth of your bed even in the harshest of conditions. Can handle the temperature range of -4°C to 20°C. Advisable not to use beyond snowline.

Sleeping bag (triple fly) – Rs. 3000

We proudly call this the bag capable of providing the widest temperature range in the world. Designed to keep you comfi from Sahyadris to Himalayas can be use in a temperature range of -20°C to 20°C.

Poncho – Rs. 1250

A one product solution to personal comfort and safety. It can cover you and your rucksack not allowing a spec of rain enter in. And what is best is can be converted into a one man tent in case of any emergencies.

Dome Tent – Rs. 18500

The only dome then in the world available with aluminum poles. This is a multi-purpose 4 man 4 season tent usable in heavy monsoons, extreme temperatures (desert and snow). Provides stability even in windy conditions. This tent can be pitched by a single person in less then 2 minutes.

Ridge Tent – Rs. 17500

Similar to the above with only change in the shape back to the conventional A-shaped ridge tent.


For those interested in the gears are free to contact - Gautam Seth at 9819788356.

We have our godown in Andheri where you can have a look at the samples of the equipment.