Some techonology and equipment discussions

1) Lafuma has stopped manufacturing under this brand across the world because Lafuma is now taken over by another company

2006 - Takeover of the company GEORG SCHUMACHER to strengthen the riding offering of LE CHAMEAU. Equity capital raised through the issue of shares on the stock exchange, representing a capital increase of €25 million. Takeover of BISHOES, specialized in upmarket flip-flops. This company was integrated into OXBOW. Launch of a new store concept for OXBOW with flagship store openings at Parly 2 and in Chamonix. The first MILLET stores opened at the French ski resort Val d’Isère, and in South Korea.

Adventure 18 does not sell Black Diamond

Expedition tents are always manufactured with Alloy poles made of Duralium as they have to withstand high wind forces without breakages. FRP poles have much lower flexibility and can withstand lesser wind forces.