Unknown forts Ankai-Tankai on 5th Apr08

NB Trek to Unknown forts Ankai-Tankai on 5th Apr08
Hey there Friends,

We, at Nisarga Bhraman, have decided to head to the relatively unheard of and small but beautiful twin forts of Ankai - Tankai near Manmad in the coming weekend.

Here is some Info about the forts:

Type: Hill Fort
Height: 961mtr or 3152 Feet above MSL(Approx)
Grade: Easy
District: Nashik
Region: Manmad / Chandvad Range
Base Village: Ankai

Ankai : Ankai-Tankai is a twin fort located in Nasik-Manmad region in Chandwad range and just 8km away from Manmad.

A flight of steps lead to ancient Buddhist caves situated at the base of the Tankai fort. Beautiful sculptures on the wall, carving on pillars and roof, a duplex cave with gallery, a temple in the cave is worth looking and a boon for photography enthusiasts. Regular steps leads to a number of fortified entrances, caves with some sculptures and finally to the top where a domed building is located.

On the top one can see 5 caves, 7 water tanks, an arched enclosure at the end of the fort with a huge pond, Dargah etc. A huge cave below the summit is now an Ashram or a temple of Agatsya, the sage who is credited with the first crossing of Vindhya Mountains. The Fortification walls and entrance are still in a good condition.

From the top, one can have a beautiful view of surroundings, a pinnacle called Hadbi chi shendi, Gorakshnath, Tankai Fort and Chandvad range if weather is clear.

Tankai : After a first common entrance, the route forks into two directions. One goes to Fort Ankai and the other to Fort Tankai. Steps lead to the damaged entrance of Fort Tankai. Fort Tankai is a huge plateau with a lake and Mahadev Mandir, ruins of the construction and a bastion. Visible from the top are, Ankai Fort, Hadbi chi Shendi etc.

These were said to be the strongest hill forts captured by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in 1635. They command a wide view of Khandesh and Godavari valleys.


Rendezvous: Dadar Station, Central Railway, PF No. 4 Under the Main Indicator at 6.00AM Sharp on 5th April 08 with a single ticket for Manmad

Note: The train that we will take is 7617 Tapovan Express halting at Thane, & Kalyan
Please keep in mind that missing this train would mean missing out on the trek!

The itinerary for the Trek is as given below:


Meet at 6.00AM Sharp at Dadar Station(Central), on PF. No.4 under the main indicator

Train to Manmad(~4.5hrs)

Lunch at Manmad(~0.75hrs)

Rickshaw from Manmad to Ankai Village(~0.5hrs)

Introduction & Instructions(~0.25hrs)

Trek from Ankai Village to Buddhist Caves(~0.25hrs)

Sightseeing/Photography at the caves(~0.5hrs)

Caves to First Entrance(~0.15hrs)

First entrance to Top of Ankai Fort(~0.25hrs)

Sightseeing/Photography atop fort Ankai(~1.5hrs)

Trek from Ankai to Tankai(~0.5hrs)

Halt at Mahadev Mandir(~0.15hrs)

Explore the vast tableland of Tankai(~1.0hrs)

Trek back to Ankai fort(~1.0hrs)

Start preparation for a sumptuous dinner

Nite stay in the open under the twinkling sky atop fort Ankai


“Early to bed, Early to rise, maketh a trekker…groggy, soggy, but full of respite!”

Wake up in the morning at 5.00AM

Leave Ankai fort by 6.00AM

Trek back down to Ankai Village(~1.0hrs)

Hike from Ankai Village to Highway(~0.5hrs)

Bus/Jeep/Rickshaw to Manmad(~0.5hrs)

Reach Manmad by 8.00AM on Sunday morning.

Board train departing Manmad at 8.35AM

Those interested in having a look at the aerial view of the region OR some pics can click on the links given below:



The cost of this trek would be Rs.200/- only and would include:

>Travel from Manmad to Manmad

>Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast

If interested contact us on the nos given below by Friday evening latest.

Rohit : 9820454738
Parag : 9820973705