walk & see Corals, Sea turtles, Ray-fishes, Sharks on 6/5/2008 Jamnagar , Gujarat

Hi folks,

There is a minus tide / spring tide on this 6th May for three days..

On the 7/5/08 the tide will be at the lowest of the year (- 0.3)

In simpler terms, the sea will recede back to the lowest, during the low tide.

Which will reveal the rare corals (hard as well as soft variety) which would during the rest of the year be hidden

under water..

It will also give a chance to see wonderful marine life such as ray-fishes, sharks, sea turtles, etc in different rock

pools thus created by the receding sea..

It will be like a walk in an aquarium in the middle of the sea !!

We: Bitto, Arpit, Axat, and i are planning to camp at Positra and the surrounding

islands of Dabdaba, Ajaad, etc..

It will be a 3 hour drive from Jamnagar in a hired car and then, hire a boat and go to different islands checking out

the marine treasures.. the initial plan is for 2 nights and 3 days camping depending on the permissions..

You can see below, where Jamnagar is in India.. click the photo to read more details :

We have a few tents, some sleeping bags and a lot of enthusiasm..

Who all are interested to join us in this 2 night camping in Jamnagar, Gujarat ??