YHAI National Western Ghats COORG ANVESHANE Trekking Expedition - 2008

National Western Ghats COORG ANVESHANE Trekking Expedition - 2008


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National Western Ghats


Trekking Expedition - 2008


Youth Hostels Association of India needs no introduction, as a pioneer in the Promotion of adventure activities. It organizes expeditions & adventure sports such as trekking in mountains, in deserts, in different geographical forest zones and along breaches. It holds camps, workshops on nature awareness, conservation of forest, control of pollution, environmental preservation programme for inculcating self discipline and self initiative in youth.

YHAI, Karnataka State Branch is pleased to announce a unique breakaway for our members Coorg Trekking Expedition 2008 on 21/04/2008.

Western Ghats is one of the World's 25 biological hotspots, in terms of sheer nature beauty and rich biological diversity. The most attractive region in the entire of Western Ghats are limitless mosaic of golden grasslands studded in rims of dark green shoals held aloft by verdant evergreen rain forests. The steady humming sounds of cicads from deep inside the jungle and the melodious bird songs mix harmoniously with the gurgling of streams and soft sounds of perennial rivers. The rain forests herein are a miracle of complexity, composed as they are by a myraid life-forms whose richness and worth is incalculable.

Why at Coorg?

Coorg occupies a prominent position in the humid tropical belt of Western Ghats and is situated to the south West in Karnataka state between 11'56" and 12'15" N latitude and 75'22" and 76'11" E longitude. The name Coorg is the anglicized from of the word " Kodagu" derived from "Kodimalenad" meaning dense forest land on steep hills. Kodagu literally means inside west, meaning situated to the west.

Coorg or Kodagu is called the Switzerland of India and Kashmir of South India. Coorg is a picturesque and interesting mountains region which extends along the very summits and slopes of great chain of Western Ghats. In a miniature, a picturesque region situated on its Western side, Kodagu is known as the Trekkers paradise. The lush green rain forest range, the cliffs and valleys, the meandering streams are rare visual treat, while providing an exhilarating experience of a life time. The environment of Kodagu hills often give you an exhilarating morning feeling of floating fog - a memorable once in a life time experience. Kodagu is a beautiful mist.

When and What is the Duration?

The National Western Ghats Coorg Anveshane Trekking Expedition 2008 will be commencing from 21/04/2008.The Reporting date is 21/04/2008. The duration of the camp is 7 nights and 8 days. The minimum age for joining this expedition is 15 years. This condition will be strictly adhered. A group of 30 participants will be received at the Base camp on a single day. You can report any of these reporting dates(6 batches).

What is the Fee Structure?

Rs.1,700/- for Youth Hostel Members

Rs.1,800/- for Non Members

Fees Payable to Youth Hostel Association of India, Bangalore

The above fee includes stay in huts/camps, simple nutritions vegetarian meal, expert guidance. Participants will bear to and fro travel expenses from their home to the base camp.

How to Apply?

Members desiring to join this programme may apply on the prescribed registration from duly filled which is available free of cost from units / State Branches.

For online Registration and Details log onto www.yhaindia.org

How to reach the base camp?

Our base camp is situated 4 kms away from Madikeri town, near Bhagamandala Mangalore Road junction.

Distance: From Bangalore to Madikeri - 262 Kms

From Mysore to Madikeri - 123 Kms

What to bring along?

Rucksack (if you have one), cotton shirts, cotton pants, sun cap, Hunter shoes, 2 pair of cotton socks, torch with spare batteries, water bottle, lunch box, steel mug or tumbler, plate, spoon, penknife, cold cream \ or Vaseline, toilet kit, personal medicines,

What is Trek route?

What is the Schedule of the Programme?


Day -1

Reporting at Thalathmane Base Camp(V_Track Camp site) at 4 P.M - stay in Huts.

Day -2 Thalathmane to kootuhole camp via Monnangeri. 10 Kms
Day -3 Kootuhole camp to thanthipala Camp via Abbefalls. 14 Kms
Day -4 Thanthipala Camp to Mukkodlu Camp via Kote Betta (1550 mts MAL). 15 Kms
Day -5 Mukkodalu Camp to kalur Camp via Mandalapatti peak. 13 Kms
Day -6 Kalur Camp to Vanachalu Camp via Ajjimotte peak. 14 Kms
Day -7 Vanachalu Camp to Thalathmane Camp(V_Track Camp) via Nishane Betta. 14 Kms
Day -8 Disperse after breakfast at 9 am.


In case you are unable to join the Trek after paying the participation fee,you will get Rs.850/- as refund provided your request is received at least 7 days in advance from the date of your reporting.No refund will however, be admissible if the notice request falls short of 7 days.


Participants who successfully complete the trek and abide by the discipline of the programme will be awarded certificates.

Photographic Competition :

After the completion of each trekking expedition,photographic competition is held for attractive prizes and certificates are awarded.You may also send your entries on the following subjects.Nature Birds,flowers,wildlife,scenic beauty; camping and trekking.Thge size of the prints should be 8 X 10.Please give breif detail of the location of the subjects and also your name ,address and group number on the reverse of the photograph. YHAI has the rights to tetain / use even the entries which are not selected for awards with due acknowledgement / compensation.Last date for submitting entries is 31st May 2008.

Coorg Fact File :

Population : 5,48561 accordind to 2002 census.

Ecology : Plants belongs to 160 families in more than 1300 varieties.

Wilde life: Tiger,panther,Gaur,Leopard,Sambar,Wild Boar,Jungle Cat,Lion,Tailed Macaque.

Rainy Season :June to October.

Area :1,259.52 dq.ft.Forest which is 30.43% of total area 4102 sq.km.

Rivers : Cauvery ,Harangi,Hemavathi,Lakshmanathirtha,Barapole,Kumaradhara.

Temperature : Maximum 35,Minimum 5.2.

International Dialing Code : + 91 8272
Safety :

Extensive and painstaking preperations have gone into the Planning of trek route for your safety. Our field staff and experienced camp leaders have been visiting the area to check all details. The youth Hostels Association of India and the organizers cannot be held responsible for any accidents,illness and any such unforeseen eventualities,deviation from the set route of the program is not permitted. If the Participant desires to join in any other activity,they may do so at theur own responsibility and risk only after finishing the treak and checking out.

Please Note:

This is an environment friendly trek.Do not litter any wrappers of spoil the trail in any way.Please ensure eco friendliness.
Use of alcohol and Narcotics of any description are strictly prohibited during the course of the programme.