Youngsterz trek to VASOTA - 2/05/2008

Trek To Vasota........

Youngsterz trek to VASOTA - 2/05/2008
Hey Friends,

We Youngsterz have planned another exciting trek to VASOTA on 2nd May [Friday] night - 4th May

About us
Ever wondered how they did all those wacky adventure sports on AXN? Did you think that only the Phirangs get the adrenaline rush? Well, if you are sure you aren't a chicken, then stop thinking and start living. Now you don't need to watch a Jackie Chan movie for your share of adventure or limit the thought to your dreams.

Youngsterz , as an community, helps us achieve not only the main objective of promoting trekking and nature sport among the youth but also promotes the other aims of the community, viz., spreading awareness about the geo-historical preserves of our State, nature conservation, protection of our forts, monuments and cultural heritage as also to nurture a feeling of pride, co-operation and collective responsibility in the youth. These activities gain a place of importance, when our society is going through a period of economic and cultural shock with the advent of the internet and youngsters forgetting to appreciate the enjoyment and educational value of the outdoors and getting more attracted to the electronic world on the net and the web and the vast vistas that it opens up.

We also carry out our social responsibility by making people aware of the need to protect their environment as well as preservation of our historical monuments as well as the flora and fauna.

Some Information about the Location given below:


Trek - Vasota
Alias - Vyaghragad
Type - Hill Fort
District - Satara
Base Village - Met Indavali
Region - Satara

Situated on the western edge of Satara district, this old warrior offers one of the most thrilling trek in the Sahyadri as far as trekking through forestation is concerned. Dense forest all the way through, panoramic view of the Shivsagar lake in the east and Konkan on the west, wonderful cave at Nageshwar for a stay, makes this a fort of special interest for amateur trekkers and photographers

Those interested in having a look at the aerial view of the region can click on the link given below :

Serene water, hills all around, lonely launches waiting for the ride to Met Indavali ( forVasota) or Tapola (for Mahabaleshwar).......such a scene has to be least once in a lifetime. So Don't miss this chance.
Expecting a good participation from you all.

The tentative cost of this entire event would be Rs. 1000/-

A complete plan and things to carry will be posted soon.

Interested people please contact Mr. Nilesh Patil - 9967436211
Mr. Ananda 9892219155

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Name : Nilesh Patil
E-mail : nileshp[a]
Phone : 9967436211
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Name : Ananda Govekar
E-mail : majorananda[a]
Phone : 98922 19155
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Many groups do this from different routes. Actually it is situated exactly on the Border of Satara and Ratanagiri distric. NAgeshwar lingi falls in Ratanagiri distric and Vasota in Satara. In 2007 we did this again, that time we climbed it from Choravane to Nageshwar lingi then NAgeshwar lingi to Vasota, from vasota we came to my native home on second day we started our trek from Kasa Lake upto Mahabaleshwar 33 kms walking on Raja Marga. Raja marga is route which Shivaji Raje use it, which connects Pratapgad to Sajanagad. MAny grps do not know about this route. CLimbing from Choravane is relatively tough in Summer. In 2005 we did Pratapgad, MadhuMakarand, Vasota base and Sajjan Gad in 4 days.
Few Tips -
1) If you are thinking of traveling to Satara by Train do not do that mistake, catch bus every hour you have Mumbai Satara Bus from Bombay Central, Parla and from Borivali.
2) Catch first bus from Satara which is at 5.30 a.m or 6 in the morning name of the bus will "Satara - Tatali" which stops at Bamanoli.
3) In Bamanoli you will get Launch to go to Vasota base. In Bamanoli itself you have to complete Forest formalities.
4) YOu can stay either at top or at base of vasota.
5) Please follow strict rules and discipline as it is forest area, which have many animals
6) Visit to KAsa LAke while returning back it is beautiful place.
7) YOu can very much do Sajjan Gad, where you can enjoy good afternoon lunch as Prasad.

Vasota Snaps