Madras Crocodile Bank Trust (MCBT), the Centre for Herpetology is gearing up to make your approaching summer holidays exciting, thrilling and a truly memorable one! We are designing adventure-filled camps to bring you a step closer to nature and the reptiles at Croc Bank.

Beginning from the 4th week of April all through May, just as soon as exams are over, one can enroll into the Croc Bank's Summer Camps. MCBT is putting together two-days-and-one-night camps for children above ten years (age group 10 -16 years). The camp will begin as soon as 15 participants sign in - They could be your friends from school, your cousins who have come to spend their summer vacation with you, or simply other kids enjoying their holidays. Participation is open on first come first serve basis. The two-day camps will be held on every Tuesday/Wednesday and Friday/Saturday of every week all through May. You may register for any one of these camps.

Please specify your preferred camp dates on the registration form, giving one (or more options).

So what is Croc Bank putting together for you? Hold your breath.you are sure to be surprised!!

Nature Camp:

Learn all about crocodiles, turtles, tortoises and non-venomous snakes through interactive sessions conducted by experts of the Croc Bank.

Become a Herp Handler with lessons on handling our resident reptiles with expert handlers of the Croc bank!!

Participate in interesting activities to learn about nature from activity kits that will be provided to you.

Walk in a Nature trail with an Irula friend through the scrub jungle and you will be amazed at the numerous things he points out in the bushes. SSSSSSssnakes, they are always there, but just escape your eyes.

Learn about traditional medicines and plant treasures in and around us from our Irula tribal friends.

Be sure to see a puppet show on nature and try screening your own story with our puppets.

At the end of the fun-filled two days, all participants will get a certificate of participation from MCBT. Participants can be picked up from opposite Marudeeswaran Temple in Thiruvanmiyur at 7.15 am on the camp day. Children reaching the Croc Bank directly should reach by 8.15 am. Parents and Guardians are requested to pick up their kids at the end of the camp and actively participate in certificate distribution ceremony at around 5 pm.

The fee for participating in the 2-day overnight eco-camp is Rs.1500/- only. Food and Accommodation are included. Depending on the demand, we will hold camps twice weekly - on Tuesday-Wednesday and Friday-Saturday.

Each child should bring the following items:

· A notebook, pencil and eraser

· A cap (to shield against the sun), and two sets of clothes - a change for the next day plus an extra set - preferably cool cotton pants and shirt.

· A pair of comfortable walking shoes and socks, as well as rubber slippers.

· A water bottle.

· A toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, soap and hairbrush (toilet paper - only if you are addicted to the stuff)

· A night suit, a sleeping bag, 2 sheets, some mosquito repellent and a torch.

For details, please contact: