Chennai Trekking Club

Welcome to the Chennai Trekking Club, the coolest trekking gang in South India.

Trekking arrangements of current and future treks organized by the club are discussed in this community. Everyone is welcome to join. Register yourself at our web site where also past treks and photos are published:

More info on ongoing and future treks in our Chennai Trekking Google Group:

Below I tried to summarize need-to-know info for new members of our trekking club.

We are a non-profit group of trekking enthusiasts who organize frequent treks to various locations in (currently) South India, including Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra. Joining our club is free. We typically plan our treks a few weeks in advance, organizing a vote for the preferred location of the next trek. Once decided on the destination, we start planning the trek - advance reservation of transport, (if required) finding and contacting a local guide, obtaining forest trekking permission if needed, studying the trail and deriving a schedule (based on existing online write-ups), arranging tents and sleeping bags, buying food and more. Future trek announcements, arrangements for current treks are discussed in our Trekking Group.

Once we have a high-level plan for the trek, we send out invitations through our Google Trekking Calendar (sent to the gmail ID you registered on our blog). Those interested to participate accept the invitation. We estimate the approximate cost of the trek and request all participants to pay an advance as we need to arrange several things in advance. We fix a maximum number of participants for each trek. Participation is on a first come, first serve basis. The difference in actual cost and advance paid is settled afterwards.

On an average around 15-20 members are joining each trek. Every trek is different and continously new people are joining the treks. It's great to meet new members which are all trekking enthousiasts. Each member contributes to the organization and execution of the trek. Great team spirit is shown in helping each other crossing obstacles during the treks.

What do I need to join the treks? First of all, you need to be in a healthy physical shape. We organize short 1-day treks near Chennai as well as multi-day treks to further away with overnight camping. We mostly trek during weekends. It sometimes involves an overnight journey by train or bus from and to Chennai, walking a distance of 10-20km per day on offroad trails, sometimes we trek through forest or climb mountains, most treks include overnight camping with tents and campfire. Participants carry water, food, spare clothes, sleeping bag, tents in their back packs. A good pair of shoes and a good back pack (available at Roshan, T Nagar) are essential. Sleeping bag and tent can be rented. A must-carry list of items is available here

What do I get in return? After 1-2-3 days of trekking in peaceful surroundings, breathtaking valley views, breathing fresh mountain air, sleeping under the stars and refreshing crystal clear mountain streams, one feels like reborn. A welcome escape from our stressful lives and busy, poluted metros. As the old wise Greeks used to say "A healthy mind in a healthy body".

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