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Leh-ladakh Biking Expedition Aug 2008

Leh-ladakh Biking Expedition Aug 2008

YHAI is organizing National Himalayan Mountain Biking Expedition-2008 in high altitude region of Leh-Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir.
Ladakh is paradise for adventure lover given by its world's mightiest mountain ranges.. Ladakh straddle four main ranges - Zanskar, Ladakh, Karakoram and the Greater Himalaya. The most important feature of trekking in Ladakh is its High Mountain passes which comes on the trekking routes gives you an opportunity to have wonderful view of colorful mountains and amazing landscape everyday. The small isolated villages and hamlets and friendly people on the way greeting you with a magic word "Juley" (hello) makes your trek memorable. It is a land of Buddhist monastery, which resonates with an ambience of peacefulness and serenity. Ladakh is located in Jammu & Kashmir at an altitude ranging between 2,500 and 4,500m. The best destination of mountain biking exploration among the Indian higher regions is Ladakh with numerous unspoiled areas, which are a little off-track because their high altitude location makes them inaccessible.


The expedition is organized for a limited number of participants only. There are only 10 batches of 15 participants each reporting at base camp on 22nd Aug, 23rd Aug, 24th Aug, 25th Aug, 29th Aug, 30th Aug, 31st Aug, 1st Sept, 6th Sept, 7th Sep, 8th sept 2008.

You can choose any date mentioned above to report at the base camp.

Day 1
Reporting at Base Camp (Semnet Guest House) - Leh- (Height: 11,480 Ft.)
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Biking to Nimo- ( 36 Km, 6 Hrs, Height:10500 Ft.)
Day 6
Biking to Nurla - (49 Km, 7 Hrs, Height : 10030 Ft)
Day 7
Biking to Lamayuru- ( 35 Km, 6 Hrs, Height : 11800 Ft)
Day 8
Biking to Nurla – (35 Km, 6 Hrs, Height : 11800 Ft)
Day 9
Biking to Nimo- (49 Km, 7 Hrs, Height : 10030 Ft)
Day 10
Biking to Leh - (36 Km, 6 Hrs, Height:10500 Ft.)
Day 11
Group breaks after Breakfast

Age: The minimum age for joining the expedition is 18 years. This condition will be adhered to strictly.

Fees: Rs. 4700/- per head will cover use of bicycle for the expedition, stay in tented/Guest house , simple nutritious vegetarian meals, other equipments, guidance and insurance. Participants will bear to and fro travel expenses from their home to base camp.

Equipments Provided by YHAI:
Things that YHAI is providing:-

Mountain Bicycle Helmet Knee Cap

Elbow Guard Bicycle riding gloves

Things to Remember for Travellers:
To cycle the Zig-Zag roads in Ladakh, one needs to be technically perfect biker as the roads are rough, though paved. A support car to carry ones luggage comes handy and helps to enjoy the great Himalayan range without any worry. Just remember to follow the code of conduct and observe the rules while you are cycling through Ladakh Himalayas.

A few local words & some adaptations for well known ones to start off with,

Julay - thats hi/good morning/evening/afternoon/see ya/bye - anything. You wave to complete strangers and shout "Julaaaay" at the top of ur voice as u ride past.

La - mountain pass.

Tiri - local bread.

Thukpa - kind of noddle soup .

Gugur Chai - butter+salt in it - acquired taste.
Lama - priest.

Gompa/Gonpa - monastery.

Chorten ("Chhurr-ten") - not 'stupas' but those numerous minor 'temples' u see everywhere.

Tso - lake. As in Tso kar, Tso moriri etc.

Hard to Find:

Pizza - very expensive food in Leh.

ATM - SBI, Federal Bank accepts any Visa/Master card.

Petrol Pumps : 365 km between Tandi - Leh no petrol Pumps. Similarly, no pumps between Kaza - Tandi on the Spiti-Lahaul route.

Mechanic - haha, maybe you.

River - between a bucket of water to an unfathomable torrent - varies with time of day depending on snow melt.

Ladakh Harvest Festival:

The festival usually starts from 1st September and lasts till September 15th. It is a colourful celebration of the rich,cultural diversity of Ladakh's people. The weeks long festivities are held all over the region. Music, theatre, polo, archery,& wedding ceremonies,are performed daily along with mask and folk dances,with the final carnival parade passing through the streets of Leh.

Ladakh Festival:

Ladakh Festival The blend of various cultures of Central Asian, Tibetan, Northern India are found in Ladakh.The duration of Ladakh festival is of 15 days i.e From the 1st to the 15th of September.Various sports such as polo and archery are conducted. Folk dances and songs, its age-old social And cultural ceremonies, its art and handicrafts, all come alive in a colourful kaleidoscope.

By Road

Manali-Leh Highway
Manali-Leh Highway - The preferred route given that J&K is terrorism-prone. We don't know of anyone targetting bikers, but hey, JK is unpredictable! The route goes via Manali- Rohtang- Keylong- Sarchu- Pang- Upshi- Leh.

Tried and tested Itinerary (Bare Basic Leh Trip)
Day 1: Delhi - Chandigarh (280kmts)
Day 2: Chandigarh - Manali ( 330 Kmts)
Day 3: Stay at Manali and acclimatise. Suggest going up to Rohtang during the day and spending a few hours lazing about before returning to Manali for the night. Helps in quick acclimatization.
Day 4: Manali - Sarchu (260kmts) [Sarchu HPTC Tent camps have closed down these days, and other Tent camps at Sarchu is quiet expensive ranging from 1000/- to 1500/- per bed. Instead you can halt at Bharatpur (30kmts before Sarchu, you get quiet cosy tent camps for Rs 50/- per bed :) ]
Day 5: Sarchu/Bharatpur - Leh (270kmts)
Day 6: Leh
Day 7: Leh - Khardung La - Leh
Day 8: Leh
Day 9, 10, 11, 12 ride back....
The above itinerary is a bare basic Leh trip, in which you can visit KhardungLa (The Highest Motor able Road in the World) spend time in Manali, and explore Leh.) Meant as a leisurely enjoyable one.