Howdy NOLS Alums:

With the days getting sunnier and sunnier, it’s getting harder to sit
inside our offices all day. Luckily, here at NOLS, they let us get out

every once in a while. Hopefully you’re also finding time to get
outside and soak up the sun.

GET OUT THERE - Saturday, June 14 is National Get Outdoors Day (NGOD),
a new annual event to encourage healthy, active outdoor fun. It’s a
chance for people all around the country to experience traditional and
non-traditional types of outdoor activities. So get outside, take a
hike, ride a bike, go for a paddle – just get out there and enjoy the
sunshine. If you’re looking for something a bit more structure, check
out for events happening in your area.

GONE SOLAR - Not only are we enjoying the sun here in Lander, we’re
using it to power the Rocky Mountain branch. With the generous support

of Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program, NOLS Rocky

Mountain recently installed 84 solar panels. Each panel produces 170
watts of electricity, supplying our facility with a grand total of
14,280 watts. Every year this system will offset up to 50,000 pounds of

carbon dioxide! We’re celebrating on May 28, so if any of you all are
in the Lander area, stop on by and check out the new panels.

purchasing items online from merchants like Apple, Best Buy, Amazon,
Ebay, or Expedia, consider clicking there via,
Goodsearch has a new “goodshop” portal that automatically sets up
merchants to donate a small portion of your purchase to a non-profit of

your choice- including NOLS. See: to help NOLS with the shopping
you’re probably using anyway. Thanks in advance.

NOLS REUNIONS - And finally, one last plug for our Spring reunions.
We’ve just got two left, Denver and San Francisco, and we’d love to see

you at one or the other. They’re both on Saturday, May 17. Check the
website for details, and RSVP to if you’d like to come.

Until next time,
NOLS Alumni Department