One day trekking from chennai.

One day trekking from chennai... Chennai Travellers/Trekkers

Hi all,
Anyone who wish to go for a trekking then you can go to PARVATHAMALAI HILLS.

There is shiva temple at this hill.No indications or route is available.... You will find a arrow mark painted in stones.You need to follow that and enjoy your trek.
This hill is near thiruvanamalai temple.
My experience @ Parvathamalai hills
We took a van from chennai and reached the ashram which was at the base of the hill.From there we started to trek.We had enough stocks of biscuits,water etc...
But I found that there is no water stream's near by so... we were saving most of our water.Before starting we had packed some puri's and dosa's for our lunch.
Started trekking at around 10 am and we continued to walk till 1.30 pm.
The people who are living nearby were joining us.They told us it was a very important day and all people form diffrent villages were supposed to come.
At around 2.00 pm we opened our lunch packs and had a nice lunch.
Most of my friends had lost the instrest of moving further and whenever we used to ask the public how far our target was they use to laugh at us and say you have reached 95% of the strech and 5% remaining.
Finally out 14,(including me) decided to reached the top... When we reached the bottom of the kadaparai padai we were shocked.
We started climibing.... and after 20 to 30 mintues we reached the top.
I felt like conquering the world after reaching there.The temple was great and I felt warm when I entered in to the temple.
The best part was there was a ashram there and after worshipping there they us HOT HOT pongal.We were really suprised.. but enjoyed the food.When we started to return the fear had gone adn I was more confident this time.Finally We started returing down the hill at 5.30pm and reached around 8 pm.Once we sat inside the van.. no one opened their mouth....After few minutes of start only sound of snoring came... :)Guys anyone want's to enjoy a trekking then this is the place.You will never find such a place very near to chennai.
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