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trekking programmes of YHAI Jamnagar unit

upcoming trekking programmes of YHAI Jamnagar unit

1) GANGA VAV Trekking

Date: 29-30 march 2008
Trek will be night trek.
Trek includes visit to Shri pandurang shastri's Shandilya upvan.

Fees: Rs. 40/-

Organizers: 1) Mr. Jatin Dhruve
2) Ms. Karishma Thakar

2) Saturn View

Date: 29 march 2008

Venue: Opp. samarpan hospital, khambhalia road, jamnagar.

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest planet in the Solar System, after Jupiter. Along with the planets Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune it is classified as a gas giant (also known as a Jovian planet, after the planet Jupiter). It was named after the Roman god Saturnus, equated to the Greek Kronos (the Titan father of Zeus) and the Babylonian Ninurta. Saturn's symbol represents the god's sickle (Unicode: ♄). The day in the week Saturday gets its name from the planet.

Members can view the saturn by biggest telescope in Saurashtra region(150 mm). Also MR. Chhagan Modhvadia, our project chairman, will provide other useful information about our solar system and other stars.

For more details please contact Mr. Chhagan Modhvadia @ 9427420044.

Photo Exhibition

Date: 29-30 March 2008

Venue: Balcon ji bari, talav ni pad, Jamnagar

Time: 9 AM to 12 PM and 5 PM to 9PM

YHAI Jamnagar unit with the help of YHAI Bhavnagar unit is going to organize a photo exhibition for members of the unit who are planning to join national treks. It will help them and make familiar them with The Great Himalaya.

Chipar, Atmeshwar, Indershwar, Itawa(Junagarh)

Date: 12-13 April 2008

The trek to Chipar, Atmeshwar, Indershwar, Itawa(Junagarh) is organized in the month
of April for the members of the YHAI.

The trek is also includes one night trek.

Program fees: Rs. 250/-

Last date for registration : 09/04/2008

Organizers : 1) Mr. Jatin Dhruve and 2) Ms. Karishma Thakar

** Mr. Jatin Dhruve is our moderator.

Early morning trek(cross country)

Date : 19 April 2008

Cross country trek is organized for the members of the YHAI which is an early morning trek. This trek will begin at 6:30 AM from Sat RAsta Circle in Jamnagar to Lakha-Bawal Village via kansumara, Vav beraja village on country road. Members can enjoy the scenic beauty of the nature.

Program Fees : Rs.60/-

Organizers : 1) Mr. M.U.Zaveri
2) Mr. Suresh Relwani
3) Mr. Balkrishna Bagdai

Sapda Night trek

Date: 19 April 2008

The trek begins from the Jamnagar city's Darbar Garh to famous Lord Shri Ganpati's temple Shree Siddhi Vinayak Temple at Sapda.
The trek is 18 kms. long.

Trek Fees : Rs. 50/-

Organizers : 1) Dr. Kalpanaben Patel
2) Varshaben Solanki

Dhingeshwar night trek

Date : 26/27 April 2008

The trek is organized to enjoy the night trek to Lord Shiva's Dhingeshwar Temple near Khambhalia City in Jamnagar District.

Organizers : 1) Mr. Umesh Khetani
2) Mr. Jatin Dhruve

Goyals' Water Park

Date : 9/10/11 May 2008

this is not actually a trek but it's like having picnic at various places including Goyal's Water PArk near Sanand in Ahmedabad and Indroda, Adalaj Vav, Iscon Temple, Vasaniya Mahadev Temple etc.

Program Fees : Rs. 1200/-

Last Date of Registration is 02/05/2008

Organizers : 1) Mr. A.D.Jadeja
2) Mr. M.U.Zaveri
3) Mr. Milan Thakar

Dadiya Family Camp

Date : 18 May 2008

A very good program is conducting in the month of May for the family members of the YHAI Jamnagar members.

It include's early morning trek and family camping at Dadiya Village near Ranjit Sagar in Jamnagar Dist.

Program Fees: Will update later.

Organizers : 1)Mr. Bharat Shah
2)Mr. Umesh Khetani
3)Ms. Karishma Thakar

Camp Leader - Resource person Training

This program is organized for the training of the YHAI Jamnagar persons who are interested in becoming volunteers in YHAI's National Programs.

The training will be provided by Mr. Rashmikant Chippa and Mr. Chaganbhai Modhvadia.

Please contact YHAI Jamnagar office for further details.


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