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Turtle Walk Tomorrow Night Feb 1st 2008 > ROADLESS

We are planning to participate in the Turtle night walk on Feb 1st 2008 (this Friday) night. Pls scrap me, if you are willing to join this.

Info on the "turtle walk":

Formed by the students of the Madras Christian College, the (Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network) SSTCN has been organising turtle walks for the past 14 years. Every Friday and Saturday, the volunteers gather at 10.30 p.m. near Neelankarai beach. They cover 7 km along the coast between Elliots Beach and Neelankarai.
They follow the nest by following the turtle tracks, collect the eggs and place them in a temporary hatchery in Neelankarai. The volunteers stay at the hatchery every night till the eggs hatch, which is in about 50 days. These hatchlings are then released into the sea.
A commendable effort considering the Olive Ridley is an endangered species, whose numbers have been dwindling over the years. And it is only efforts like these that can save such species. So let's hope more helping hands will come forward to carry on the good work. And start a campaign too advocating the use of TEDs (Turtle Excluder Devices)!

Preparing yourself: It would be better if you are wearing walking/running shoes or anything else you might feel comfortable in. It could also be cold and while you may not feel it while walking, you will after the walk. So take something warm with you. And, after walking in the sand for kilometres on end, believe me, you'll be thirsty. So remember to take a large bottle of drinking water. Most of all, be prepared to enjoy yourself.

The walk is open to public on Friday and Saturday Night's, but organised for FREE by SSTCN members.

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