Mahaseer Fishing Camps

Mahaseer Fishing Camps

Nestled in a valley in the Kumaon Hills, Mahaseer Fishing Camps is 280 kms from Delhi and is located right next to Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, famous for its wild tigers. Imagine opening your eyes to the sound of birds and the river flowing! It is such a welcome change when you can actually “hear” nature.

Just laze around, enjoy the warm sun, go for trekking, take a picnic basket and enjoy the food sitting next to the river. And if you have the patience, try catching Mahaseer, lion of the river. Mahaseer Fishing Camps is located just walking distance from Marchula, voted as number one fishing spot in India.

And as the night sets in and the place gets surrounded by darkness and chill, enjoy the bonfire and the barbeque. Sing, dance...have fun. And while you are having your meals, who knows you might see a barking dear, a spotted dear…..or even a leopard!

Mahaseer Fishing Camps
NH - 121, Village Jhargaon,
Marchula, District Almora,
(Near Jim Corbett National Park)
Uttarakhand, India

Tel :+91 - 98673 20304 / +91 94110 94862

E-mail: info[at]