MoRonz AdvEntUrez

MoRonz AdvEntUrez

Location Mumbai, India 18.9672.82

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Founded April 17, 2007

Rating 4.5

Joining Fee: $5.00 a year(Approx 200/-)

Required : M/F , Age No Bar
Qualification : Should be sporty, vivacious personality who loves adventure and at the same time be patient enough to be with us :)
What to do ? : Trek, Hike, Rappel, Raft, its basically anything and everything related to adventure sports.
Returns : Your lungs will be filled with purest of Oxygen, your stamina,confidence, IQ :) will get considerable boost. Get to meet New and/or Good ;) people.

Are you game ?

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Hiking, Adventurers, Adventure Racing, Whitewater Rafting