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Para gliding tips and guidelines

Para gliding tips and guidelines

a) Before attempting / undergoing any adventure activity with any expert/operator, try to collect maximum information about operator.
b) Ask the safety guidelines / instructions before starting any activity.
-- safety standards they follows.
c) Equipment's airworthiness certificate / other relevant documents like log book / certificates / maintenance records etc.
d) before attempting first see others -specially experts demonstration/way of training, then after getting green signal from your inner heart/mind, you can go for the activity.

e) what about insurance? ambulance? or at least first aid arrangements?

f) Despite all above, if any incidents happen, try to record / publish / inform to appropriate authorities in written.

g) If it is technical fault, then register a case against the operator/organizer.

h) after all, it is your life, you have to think twice before doing any adventure activity that " adventure activity is not a joke or just fun, but if somethings goes wrong, then it is a question of your limb or life"

i) For operators /organizers / experts -- you are having full right to play with your life but not with others. and "Precaution is always better practice than cure" principle should be adopted in operations.

By Jayant Dofey
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