Trek to Avchitgad on Sunday 22 June 2008

Brief Introduction about Avchitgad:-

Height: 300 meter
Grade: Easy ...
Time: ~ Maximum 1.5 hrs from Pingalsai / Medha, Base Village
Location: Roha, Raigad District

The city of Roha is situated on the banks of Kundalika River. Avchitgad is situated in the mountain ranges around Roha. Nicely tucked away from the main Shayadri range this is a rather unexplored fort (as per trekkers are concerned). This region is beautiful, and the fort was one of the rich forts of Maharashtra. Dense woods along the mountain have made it bit difficult to ascend to the top.

Fascinating Spot:-
The main entrance to the fort is still in good condition. The bastion on the way from Medhe is in much better state. It was used for keeping a watch on the surrounding region. As we proceed further from the main entrance, we come across the remnants of old constructions on a neighboring hillock.
There is a beautiful dodecahedron (16 sided) shaped lake on the top. Near to it is a statue of Lord Khandoba. The fort is not much wide, but stretches long enough. It takes about two hours to see the fort. The forest around the fort is dense and the fauna comprises wild hogs, leopards, foxes, monkeys, etc.
From the top of Avchitgad we can have a glimpse of Telbaila, Sudhagad, Sarasgad, Korigad to the Noth-East & Dhangad, Raigad and Savashna Ghat on the South–East side.

This is a best monsoon trek.

Journey Details:-

The train scheduled @ 06:20 hrs from Diva that will drop us at Roha around 08:55 Hrs. This is Diva-Sawantwadi Passenger (Konkan Railway)
Pls be sure abt the timing.Following is timing where train halts u can catch wherever it is comfortable 2 u...

06:20 :- Diva(Central)
07:05 :- Panvel (Harbour)
09:00 :- Roha

Just Check that if u miss the train, u miss the trek with us.Pls don't take return ticket.

Two prominent route to ascend Avchitgad

Via Pingalsai:- Pingalsai is situated about 5 km from Roha.This is a base village. It takes about an hour to reach the top.

Via Medha: - The village of Medha is 7.5 km before Roha on Mumbai-Roha highway. The way to the fort goes along the temple of Lord Vitthal. We have to ascend through thick woods and reach the front bastion after one hour.

Ascending will be by Medha route While Descending will be Pingalsai ...

6.20 am Start from Diva
7.05 am Panvel
8.55 am Roha
9.00 am Breakfast at Roha
9:45 am Medha by Rick
10.15 am Start trek to the top
11.45 pm Reach fort top
11.45-14:15 pm Explore fort, Lunch, Rest and enjoy the view of the surrounding region

I guess 2 hrs for Fort Exploration, Lunch etc. is enough.

14.15 pm Descend for fort base -Pingalsai
15.00 pm Reach base village
15.30 pm @ Roha
15.55 pm Catch Roha -Diva Passenger
18.00 pm @ Panvel with lovely memories and new friends ...

In case, we are unable to catch Roha-Diva Passenger, we will opt for ST bus to Mumbai instead of waiting @ Roha for Sawantwadi-Diva Passenger that is scheduled @ 18:10 pm ...

We will be in mumbai around 20:00 hrs ( thats - subjective)

The Estimated initial expenditure is about Rs. 110 / -

This includes Roha 2 Roha fare for Rick ... Morning Breakfast, Theplas with Chutni /aam ka Murabba & Puranpoli as Lunch and Evening Snacks/Tea

Things To Carry: -

A Water Bottle (~2.5 Ltrs)

Rain cheater (Optional) for those who don't want to wet

Camera, Cell Phone, Binoculars (Optional)

Pls avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments

1 torch (if u had any pls bring)

Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc.

Extra Pair of clothes,
Good trekking shoes,
Personal basic medical kit (Containing an antiseptic, few bandages, personal medications if any, Antibiotics for stomach infection)

A haversack to put all these things

For confirmation pls reply here or do contact on

Jagdish Patil : 09869369836