YOUNGSTERZ at Saint Vincent Pallotti Church

hi friends... these are the pics of Saint vicent church and an ashram known as 'navajyothi sisters adorers'.. In this ashram, are 40-45 orphan girls, aging between 4-10, who were in need for our help. their was some prob with the trust which used to help these ppl(would not like to name anyone....) These girls even were lacking food facilities and other essential services.
our dear friend tushar told us about the situation and the problems these little girls were facing... and we thought of helping them. the plan before was distributing some books in the school at Bari, the base village of kalsubai. but then we thought that these ppl need more help. so the sudden change in the plans were made..

this is what we charge u extra for. this is what u pay us for.. events like this happen atleast once in a month in Youngsterz.. but r never posted and used for publicity purpose. but this time it was needed to show some of our colleagues what were they charged for.. so, had been there with a cam, and are back with the so called 'saboot' needed by the few.

anyways friends, all the help we delivered over there was actually a combined effort by all of us. and i would like to thank all over here on the behalf of these lil girls for providing them a few basic needs. some of us will be visiting the place again in next 8-10 days.. if anyone wants to accompany, can..

also, i would like to ask u, should these events (of course the post event information) and the pics be posted over here???
would love to read from u...

Nilesh patil: