highlights of the trek to Rajmachi 15th August

1) Road on Kondivade to Kondane village is washed out at one location.

2) Waterfall and Kondivade caves are awesome.

3) The climb to Rajmachi fort is superb.

4) Karvi is blooming with pink buds and blue flowers.

5) The Malabar whistling thrush tunes accompany you all the time once you reach the upper zone.

6) The village is beautiful with good pahunchar.

7) The Mahadev Temple is nicely cleaned up as compared to what I saw about 10 years back.

8) The Udhewadi is having Solar power system only.

9) The Manoranjan Fort, Bhairoba Temple in Kol, all is beautiful.

10) The top of the fort is slippery with water logging.

11) On 15th August we had Flag Hoisting and National Song at the top in blasting Rains.

12) The sound of rains during our stay at Maruti temple at night was frightening.

13) Back to Lonavala route was also interesting with beautiful streams, waterfalls, Ulhas valley etc. etc. etc.

14) Oh Yes a group of 6 Gypsy vehicles were seen at Rajmachi, These vehicles crossed all the streams and a wider and deeper stream ( which was about 2 ft deep). But these vehicle spoiled the road badly.

The Total expenses including the food, travel from Chinchwad to Chinchwad was about 250 Rs per head.
We also carried a tent and used it during the night stay.

By Vivek Kale