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Photography project Shivaji Maharaj and forts of Maharashtra 30th Oct 08

On range treks and strenous ones with limited time frame and little or no opportunity to unravel the photographic creativity. One cannot afford to wait for the tangent rays or that perfect angulation of sun rays to illuminate the desired composition in a desired manner... One cannot wait for the butterfly or bird to settle down and hit the shutter.. one cannot wait to set up a tripod and het that perfectly soft flow of the gushing streams for slow shutters.. and one cannot satiate the photographic hunger on-the-move.. unless ofcourse one is prepared to settle for the shorter and compromised version of clicks..!

It is this factor that has led iVenturez to arrange a special two month Phototrail in Sahyadris; a project on Shivaji Maharaj and forts of Sahyadri - A gist. The project will typically cover al the important forts that has played and portrayed an invaluable role in Swarajya. These include - Shivneri, Torna, Rajgad, Raigad, Torna, Sindhudurga, Vijaydurga, Pratapgad and so on.


Departing 30th October night and returning back on 2nd November

Sinhagad and Lal Mahal
Departing on 7th November night and returning back on 9th November

Sindhudurga, Vijaydurga and surrounding forts
Departing on 12th November night and returning on 16th NOvember night

Departing on 21st November night and returning on 22nd November night

Free (adjustments)
Departing on 28th November night and coming back on 30th NOvember

Torna-Raigad trek
Departing 5th December night and returning on 9th December

Departing on 19th December night and returning back on 21st December night

Departing on 24th night and comng back on 28th night

The itinerary posted above is tentative and can be restructured, however most of the plan is solidly firm and will remain unchanged.

Rohan Rao
Mobile: 9987506223