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Raireshwar-Aswal khind-Kangori trek 18-9th OCtober

The trek spans over two days and includes the huge plateau of Raireshwar - The place where Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj took the oath of Swarajya in a Shiva temple atop. We would ascend the plateau via Waghdara route and descend the far end of the plateau via Aswal khind into the plains. From here we would further proceed to Vadghar village and camp thete for the night halt. The next day we will trek to a small and inconspicuous fort of Kangori (Mangalgad) and descend on the otherside to Pimpalwadi.

Departure from Mumbai on 17th October night 11.00 PM - Friday by a private vehicle (Bus or Four wheeler) and reach the base village at Raireshwar early morning on Saturday.

Saturday: 18th Oct
Trek to Raireshwar plateau - Descend via Aswal khind - trek till Vadghar village for night halt

Sunday: 19th Oct
Trek to Kangori (Mangalgad) - Descend to Pimpalwadi village - Transportation by pvt. vehicle back to Mumbai
We wll reach Mumbai 8 PM on Sunday.

The trek is really a long one and the densely forested patch of Aswal khind will be some task to be steered through. The overall trek is a tough and through dense patches in Aswal khind.

Bus seats are being booked, so register at the earliest..!

Trek Leader: Dr. Shailendra Acharya

Expenses and registration:The cost of the trek will be Rs 900 per head and will involve tranportation by private vehicle from Mumbai to Mumbai and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and tea expenses during the trek duration.

For registration and advance sum of Rs 500 is to be paid in advance by 10th of October since we would be hiring a private vehicle. For further queries and registration contact:
Dr. Shailendra Acharya Ph 9975373107

We are back from the trek... and it was one of the most memorable treks..


It is done for the first time in more than two decades - some 20 years gone by when the last man treaded on the trail successfully (According to the villagers and all the sources we have come across)

The real essence of this one being that the adventure began when we got down to the base village - A delay of one day in our return schedule due to natural barriers caused a chaos amongst the waiting families.

Well the worry in the minds of families is understandable, but lack of network coverage to inform back home about our delay just left us nothing to communicate. Eventually we got down to the village and the PCO helped the cause to sort out the issues.

The tag of exploration (Exploring Infinity) aptly suited the trek and kudos to all the members who roughed it out and successfully came out unscratched - more importantly with smiling faces an exalted spirits in tough conditions.

The very very dense forest, thorns, thick karvi bushes, disorienting expanse, discouraging villagers, boulder ridden nali route, some steep patched with slippery treads owing to the stream and so on... the list can be endless 

All I want to say that the trek was just one of its kind - trail successfully done after nearly 20 years - memories and imprints indelible.