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NB Heads to Wild Vasota on 5th Dec 2008

Hey there Friends,

With the chill of winter soon approaching, we at Nisarga Bhraman have decided to head to the beautiful and enchanting fort of Vasota on the 5th (Nite) of Dec 2008

Here is some Info about Vasota:

Height: 4253 feet above MSL (Approx)
Difficulty: Easy
Endurance: Medium
District: Satara
Region: Koyna
Base Village: Bamnoli/Kusapur

Vasota is situated in the Koyna region in the Mahabaleshwar mountain range.
Vyaghragad is another name for Vasota, few people who are really into history might know that this fort was once also known as Vasantgad.
History :
The history of a fort goes way far back to the era of Sage Vashistha, myth has it that one of his disciples Sage Agasti came to do penance and dwell on a mountain alongside the banks of river Koyna, and he hence named this mountain after his 'guru' Sage Vashishta hence the name Vasota.

The actual fortification and construction of the fort goes back to the Shilahar dynasty, no more details are actually avaliable to prove its authenticity.

On his rampage in the Javli region against Chandrarao Mourya, Shivaji captured most of the forts in the Koyna region including Pratapgad, there was a cunning strategy behind this, Javli in that era was unimprenetable with a huge army, Hence Shivaji lured Afzal Khan into Javli and Slaughtered his army, cut off all the escape routes and captured an enormous amount of gold, jwelery, cloth, horses, elephants, canons, weapons, etc.

Many people still believe that Shivaji conquered Vasota when he won Javli, alas that is not really true, Vasota kept eluding Shivaji, eventually Vasota fell to a small battalion of Shivaji's army on June the 6th 1660


Vasota comes under the Koyna wildlife sanctuary and entry is restricted unless one does not have proper permits to get in , having said so vasota is a really dense jungle at places trees are high enough to make sure that the sunlight does not reach the ground !
The flora and Fauna is absolutely breathtaking especially in the winters, and a wide variety of animals can be spotted from vantage points.
Towards the North west side of the Vasota fort lies the magnificent U shaped “Babu Kada” similar to the “Konkan Kada”, this is a climbers dream, the sheer exposed face of this kada makes it really fearsome and beautiful at the same time.

Towards the South lies Nageshwar , which catches ones eye, coz its impossible to miss !
Nageshwar is a shrine, actually a Shiv Mandir, and it can easily accomodate 20-25 people.

Rendezvous: 10.00PM (Sharp) on Friday at Mumbai Central ST Depot near the Enquiry Counter.

The itinerary for the Event is as given below:


Meet at Mumbai Central ST Depot @ 10.00PM Sharp.

Take ST to Satara


ST from Mumbai to Satara (~6.0hrs)

ST from Satara to Bamnoli (~2.0hrs)

Complete Formalities with the Forest Authorities (~1.0hrs)

Launch from Bamnoli to Met Indavali/Kusapur (~2.0hrs)

Rules and Regulations + Introductions (~0.25hrs)

Trek from Met Indavali to Vasota (~2.5hrs)

Trek from Vasota to Nageshwar (~3.0hrs)

Get back down to Met Indvali for a Night stay at the forest camp site.

The experience of staying the nite in the midst of a dense jungle has to be felt to be understood.


“Early to bed, Early to rise, maketh a trekker healthy, wealthy and wise!”

Wake up by 7.00AM and finish off with breakfast and get ready to take the launch back to Bamnoli.

We would be taking the 11.00AM/2.00PM bus to Satara.

The cost of this event would be Rs.1200/- only and would include:

> Travel from Mumbai to Satara & Back

> Travel from Satara to Bamnoli & Back

> Launch charges from Bamnoli to Kusapur & Back

> All forest entry charges

> Tent charges at Kusapur

> Tea + Lunch + Dinner on Sat

> Breakfast on Sunday

If interested, please contact on the nos. below for registration by Thursday(4th) evening:

Rohit: 9920081456

Parag: 9820973705

Here is a list of all the things that need to be carried for the trek:

1. A haversack to put in all the things to be that one has ones hands free while trekking. Please do not carry sling bags or Jholas.

2. A bottle of water (2.0 Ltrs)

3. Sweaters/Jacket, Extra pair of clothes, Napkin, Plastic bags, Newspaper, Pullovers.

4. Torch with spare set of batteries. (Compulsory)

5. Camera and something to munch on (Optional)

6. Avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments.

7. Preferably wear Full pants to prevent leeches from latching onto u.

8. Sleeping bag/mat (Compulsory)

A few rules that we would like people to follow:
1. Alcohol will strictly not be permitted on the event. Anyone found in possession of the same or consuming it will be expelled from the trek. No REFUND will be provided.

2. Smoking will only be permitted while we stop at a clearing, after consultation with the ‘Leader’ and the person will have to move away from the group to smoke.

3. The ‘Leader’s’ decision will be final and binding on all members. No Arguments will be entertained.

4. It is of utmost importance that all participants stick together in the group, in the event of any ‘deviation’ by the participant without the consent of the ‘Trek Leader’, he/she/they will be considered as ‘Independent/s’ and will no longer be considered as a part of the group.
In the event of any Mishap/Eventuality, Nisarga Bhraman And/Or its Leaders will not be held responsible.
{Deviation: For E.g.: Participant decides to go sightseeing on his own, decides to stray away from the group, etc}

5. Nisarga Bhraman reserves the right to change/deviate/cancel the plans without prior notice. No arguments or refunds will be entertained.

6. Each member will be responsible for his/her own safety and baggage.

7. Please do not wear any jewelry or gold chains/rings.

8. We strong believe in the adage, “Leave only Footprints, take back only Memories.”


Rohit Nayak.

(Nisarga Bhraman)