Chavand and Jivdhan trek 27th and 28th Dec08

Hey guys
Save Nature Group is planning a trek to Chavand and Jivdhan(offcourse with stay at Naneghat) on the 27th and 28th of Dec,08.

Day 1 that is 27th
Start from mulund by bus or tempo traveller and reach Junnar
Reach Naneghat and breakfast of the sandwiches and other stuff that we would be carrying along.
Start for the trek hiring a local guide and reach Jeevdhan fort via main entrance
Prepare maggie or other eatables we all would have to work on this.
Lunch and from here we would decide to stay at Jivdhan or return (I havent been atop the fort so we would have to take a collective decision.) I feel we should return back to Naneghat but lets see the itinerary ahead is all decided considering that we return back to Naneghat from Jivdhan as in we don't stay at Jivdhan.
Return back to Naneghat
Reach Nanacha angtha(Trust me everyone would the place Nancha Angtha),
Dinner preparation.
Socialise may be a campfire if we have ample firewood
Sleep in the cave of Naneghat.

Day 2 that is 28th
Reach Chavandvadi
Breakfast at Chavandvadi
Reach atop Chavand
Roam on the fort
Return back to Chavandwadi
Lunch at Chavandwadi
From here we would take a collective decision if to return back via Naneghat to Vaishakhre by trekking down and then catch the tempo traveller at Vaishakhre or just sit in the vehicle and return back to Mumbai via Junnar

Points to remember
1)We need to bear in mind that we are going in the vicinity of nature to enjoy it and not litter it so NO PLASTIC POLLUTION.
2)Trek cost: 700 includes transportation,food etc basically all expenses included.
3)Booze would not be allowed during the course of the entire journey.
4)It is suggested that you do not carry expensives or valuables like high end cellphones etc during the trek. A camera is something that is unavoidable hence you may carry it.
5)Do carry around 500-1000 rupees extra but not more please.
6)A sun cap is needed as it would be very sunny.
7)Most important atleast carry around 2 litres of drinking water and a good torch.
8) Atleast 2 good quality bedsheets as it would be very cold.So a good protection during the night time is a must.May also carry a sweater depends on how much cold one can bear.

If interested call Tushar Hande up at 9960979380.
There are around 5-6 seats left.