Inspire trek to Ajoba December 27, 2008

Type : Hill Fort.
Fort Range : Shahapur.
District : Thane.
Height above sea level : 4511 ft.
Difficulty rating : Simple.
Base village : Dolkhamb/Dehne
Appx. time to reach the top : 2 hrs from base village.
Visit duration (min.) : 2 day.
Water availability : The water stream provides us drinking water.
Food : One should make arrangement for food.
Shelter : Near to the ashram,there is a hut where about 20 people can stay.

About :
Ajoba is one of the highest peak in Sahyadris. The fort can be climbed either from eastern or from western side. The climb from eastern side takes longer time. There is a Valmiki Ashram at half way to the fort. The rest path to the top is said to be risky during monsoon. Near the Ashram, there is a small hut where we can stay. A small water stream provides us with pure water. The way beyond Ashram leads to a rivulet, crossing which we can reach the cave of 'LUV-KUSH'. To reach this spot we have to ascend the way of waterfall for one and half hour. Above this cave there is
a precipice called 'Cradle of Sitamai'. In the cave there are the carved "Padukas" or the footprints of Luv and Kush.

This precipice is a real challenge for trekkers.The ashram is a sacred place and people from all over Maharashtra come here. There are some carved stones near the ashram, on which some carved idols depict some story.

Trekking requires a set of basic items. Some essential and optional items are given below:
# Trek route-map
# Sufficient amount of cash.
# Water Min(1 Ltr).
# Food material (LUNCH + SNACKS).
# Antidehydrate.
# Glucose.
# Torch with batteries.
# Marker or chalk.
# Rope.
# A good pair of shoes.
# Cap (preferably of cotton).
# Cutlery(Knives,spoon,etc.)
# Camera and its accessories (if interested in photography, always carry an extra pair of batteries).
# Wastepaper (old newspaper).
# Polythene bags.
# Toiletries soap, toothpaste/ brush, shaving kit, comb, toilet paper, etc.
# Paper dishes.
# Mosquito repellent.
# Scribbling pad and pen.
# Bedsheet (minimum =>2).
# Please avoid bringing valuables, jewellery or expensive things. We accept no responsibility for anything that is

Attire for trekking
# Dont wear Tight Jeans...(Infact avoid Jeans & wear Tracks if possible. Preferably Cotton shirts of light colour with cotton shorts. Keep an extra pair for emergency.
# Trekking shoes of good quality.
# Hat / cap to ward off sunlight. Sweaters in winter.

Event Description
December 27, 2008 at 5pm
CST ==>05:15
Dadar ==>05:33
Kurla ==>05:44
Thane ==>06:10
Kalyan ==>06:41
Asangoan ==>07:26

From Asangoan To Shahpur by Jeep/Auto.
Shahpur to Dolkham by ST bus
Shahapur - Dolkhamb : 0700, 0830, 1130, 1330, 1630,1845,2000

from DholKhamb==TREK Starts...

While Coming Back...
Dolkhamb - Shahapur : 0600, 0930, 1400, 1730, 1915
asangoan CST
20:47 22:54
21:48 23:56
22:03 00:09
23:12 01:21

Organized By: Arun Malik
Contact Info: 9820989408