Jumbo winter trek plan 5 day trek 25th Dec to 1st December

Hi All,

It's a consecutive third year that we are planning a Jumbo Winter trek. After Alang-Madan-Kulang and Salher-Salhota-Mulher-Mora-Hargad-Mangi-Tungi-Nhavi we are here with following plan for this year -

This time we are going to Vai-Varanhda-Raigad region -

Thursday, 25th Dec - 1st Day – Early morning Vai – Vyajwadi by Bus/Rickshaw – Climb Vairatgad – sight seeing – descend and come back to Vai have lunch there - Reach Menawali by ST bus – Climb Pandavgad à Descend at Dhom - Stay if it’s already late otherwise goto Jambhli and then Vasole, the base village of Kamalgad - Dinner

Friday, 26th Dec - 2nd Day – If not reached to Vasole 1st night then reach to Vasole then Climb Kamalgad – Lunch on Kamalgad - Descend to Jor village - If time permits, reach to Jor village on same day – Hault here

Saturday, 27th Dec - 3rd Day – Start climbing Chandragad from Jor village – See the fort and descend at Dhawale village – By Bus or tumtum go to Vadghar or any nearest place to Mangalgad - Climb Mangalgad and descend at Pimpalwandi – Hault here, if time permits go to Varandha or Mazeri village by Bus (route through Bhav village)

Sunday, 28th - 4th Day – Kavlya darshan and proceed for Raigad and reach Raigad top before dusk.

Monday, 29th Dec - 5th Day – Raigad darhsan

Tuesday, 30th Dec – 6th Day – Return to Pune/Mumbai by direct bus from Raigad or Mahad

Important note –

1) This only for seasoned trekkers :-) not for novice
2) All expense will be sidtributed equally
3) We are reaching Vai on 24th Dec night by last bus from Swargate.
2) Breakfast, lunch and dinner at convenient timings and convenient places.
3) Guide / Porter will be taken wherever necessary.

Contact Chetan or Ketan if interested

Cheers guys! Have a lovely trekking experience this time as well.

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Chetan - 9890055967

Ketan - 9820756956