Kalpavihar Adventure SALHER-SALOTA-MANGI-TUNGI- MULHER-MORA-HARGAD 25th to 28th Dec.

Kalpavihar Adventure is inviting all of you for a beautiful fort range at Baglan region. We are exploring SALHER-SALOTA-MANGI-TUNGI- MULHER-MORA-HARGAD on 25th to 28th Dec.

KALSUBAI is the highest peak in Maharashtra & SALHER is the highest fort in Maharashtra.
Schedule :

Day 1 : Wednesday Dec. 24th 2008
2245 hrs: Assemble at Dadar station on platform no.1
2330 hrs: Depart to Nasik by bus

Day 2 : Thursday Dec. 25th 2008
0530 hrs : Depart to Taharabad from Nasik
0830 hrs : From Taharabad depart to Mangi Tungi base
1000 hrs : Visit Mangi Tungi and site seeing
1330 hrs : Lunch
1430 hrs : Depart to Mulher village from Taharabad
1530 hrs : Visit village and site seeing

Day 3 : Friday Dec. 26th 2008
0800 hrs : Trek Mulher
0930 hrs : Site seeing on Mulher and Mora forts
1230 hrs : Lunch
1330 hrs : Trek to Hargad fort
1430 hrs : Site seeing on Hargad fort
1530 hrs : Descend Hargad fort
Halt in Mulher village

Day 4 : Saturday Dec. 27th 2008
0800 hrs : Depart to Salher village
0830 hrs : Trek to Salher fort
1100 hrs : Site seeing on Salher fort
1300 hrs : Lunch
1330 hrs : Site seeing on Salher fort
Halt on Salher Fort

Day 5 : Sunday Dec. 28th 2008
0800 hrs : Depart to Vaghambe village
0830 hrs : Trek to Salota fort
1000 hrs : Site seeing on Salota fort
1300 hrs : Lunch
1330 hrs : Depart to Mumbai.

You have to bring....
•Good Sack (No handbags/ shoulder bags etc.)
•Trekking or sports shoes with extra pair of socks
•Snacks to eat while travelling
•water bottle (min. 2 ltr.)
•cap/scarf, Torc
•Spare set of cloths
•Warm wear
•personal things (like tooth paste, tooth brush, soap etc…) and personal medical kit.
•Plate, spoon, glass, bowl, Tiffin box (Compulsory)
•Bedding like - Carry mat / sleeping bag / mattress, Chaddar / shwal

Please avoid bringing valuables, jewellery or expensive things. We accept no responsibility for anything that is misplaced.

•Everyone has to follow the instructions of Camp In-charge & instructors
•No shortcut in trek
•Smoking & Drinking are strictly prohibited. Anyone found smoking or consuming alcohol will be expelled from trek there and then itself.
•Keep the campsite clean

contact  9820684723 & 9821243642 for details
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Mangi, Tungi, Hargad, Mulher, Mora, Salher, Salota 
Trek with Kalpvihar Adventure under Vaishali’s leadership.
24th Dec 08bus 
We started out journey by caching 11 pm Nashik ST Bus from Dadar.
25th Dec 08 (Mangi Tungi)
As usual we got traffic in Kasara Ghat region and our bus got delayed, but we were fortunate to reach Nashik, just in time to catch another bus for onward journey. 
From Nashik we got Akkalkuva bus scheduled to leave at 5.30 a.m., we wanted to go upto Taharabad. It took 2 hours to reach Taharabad. From Taharabad we got into local Tumtum to reach our first base village Mangi Tungi, it was just 30 mint journey. The old name of Mangi Tungi village is Bhilwada. In Mangi Tungi there is big Jain Temple named as “Shri Mangi Tungi Digambar Jain Siddha shetra”. It has good lodging and food facility. We booked two rooms for one day and kept our heavy sags in the room. Had our breakfast and our trek started for climbing Mangi and Tungi. Very simple and well constructed 3000 steps will take you near Mangi. There are total 356 Statues of Mahavir, Adhinatha, Parshvanatha and Hanuman in side the different caves. From top we got good view of Tambolya fort and Nhavi Gad (Ratan Gad). The heavy constructuion work is going on Mangi to build 108 feet Marble statue of god Mahavir. Just can not imagine how beautiful it will look once it will be ready. After two year it will be major attraction spot of devotees and tourist. From Mangi you can easily go to Tungi. Mighty Tungi pinnacle looks amazing and it has very attractive shape, simple thought touches your mind “When can I climb this?”. Around Tungi there are small caves with statues of god. From Tungi we went back to our base. We had lunch in Jain Temple, People and food was really good. From there we hired jeep to reach Mulher village for night stay. It was just 35 mint journey. In Mulher we stayed in beautiful and big temple of “Shree Udhav Maharaj Samadhi Sansthan”.

Mr.Rajiv Shukla ex committee member of the temple helped us by arranging food. We could not able to get much time of Dr.Raghuraj Pandit, as he was out of town, but got the opportunity to meet him on 27th after morning prayers. He is known historian and social worker in that region. This temple is very clean and it has Pole called as “Raskrida Pole”, there are only three such poles in India. History says Shree Ramdas Swami and Raje Shivaji Maharaj had stayed in the temple. Mulher village itself is very beautiful old villages. You can see nice wooden carving, in the old house. Check out snaps link http://picasaweb.google.co.in/Kunal1Shinde/MT?authkey=3kyMDrjKrus#
26th Dec 08 (Hargad, Mulher and Mora)
Very early we started our day from Mulher to visit Hargad fort. One can easily reach top of the Hargad in 2nd half hours time. On Hargad you can see a small temple, and very big “Shakti Prasad Canon”. From that location you get long view of region. From Hargad you can also view Salher and Salota. Water is available on the top. From Hargad we went to Mulher. We filled our water bottles in Moti Tank. Hatii tank is also there. After reloading water, we climbed Mulher. On top of the Mulher all the structures are fallen. You can see number of big water tanks, but none of the water is drinkable at present. We had our food in shadow of Bhadangnath temple. In the past Mulher was very strong and important fort of this region. From Mulher we went to Mora fort. There nothing much to see on Mora fort. Mora and Hargad was constructed as sub fort to protect Mulher. At the base of Mulher fort, you can see very nice Someshwar temple and Ganpati temple. Carvings of Ganapati temple are superb. It was already getting dark, we return back to Mulher village at 7.30p.m.

27th Dec 08 (Salher)
Early in the morning we left Mulher to go to Salher village. We hired Jeep to reach Salher, 35 mint. Journey took us to Salher. After reloading water we started climbing the Highest Fort in Maharashtra “Salher”. After almost 2hrs climb we reached on the first top of the fort. There are many things too see on this fort. We stayed in caves, ample water is available on fort. After having good lunch, we went to see Parshuram Temple the highest point of the fort, and second highest peak in Maharashtra. You get good view of Salota fort from Parshuram temple. After flag hosting, we rested there to watch sun set. In the evening it was very windy and cold. 
28th Dec 08 (Salota and back to Mumbai)
Early in the morning we stated climbing down Salher from Salota side to reach place which is exactly in between these two giant forts. It is very scenic route, and well constructed steps will take will to that point. We dropped our heavy sags there and climbed Salota only with water loaded bags. Till you get near steps, climbing route of Salota is little tough. After climbing all the steps you will come near first entrance of fort, you can find drinkable water inside the cave. On the top of the Salota there is old Hanuman temple, from there you can get good view of Parshuram temple of Salher. From Salota we got down to Vaghambe. In Vaghambe we got bus for Taharabad, from Taharabad we came to Satana and then to Nashik. In the night there is also direct ST bus available from Taharabad to Mumbai. http://picasaweb.google.co.in/Kunal1Shinde/SS?authkey=PgyG_daiC7A#
“I will rate entier trek in Easy category. Challenge in this region is less forest on route of trek, in summer this trek is not advisable.”
Regards – Kunal Shinde (9821753813)