Mahuli Killa swarajyat dakhal honyas January 9 2009 roji 351 warshe purn hot aahet(Jan 1658 to Jan 2009).
Ha diwas "Kille mahuli Mahotsav" mhanun sampann honar aahe.
Ya nimittane khalil karykram aayojit kele aahet.
SATURDAY 10/01/2009
Time: 7.00 am
Sarv durg-preminni ya karykaramat upasthit rahun killyas manwandana dyawi.
Vishesh upasthiti: Raigadpremi, Mr. Suresh Wadkar
Sarvanni duparche jevan aani panyachi bottle(>=1.5 lit) gheun Shiv Mandir, Mahuli Killa, Shahapur yethe upasthit rahawe.
For more information contact
1. Abhijit Warghade 9869162248
2. Sameer Shelavale 9890103122 / 9226171756
3. Amey Athawale 9869918317
Time: 4 pm
Place, Arjunnagar Hall, Shahapur, Dist. Thane
For more information contact
1. Sumedh Jadhav 9860242046
2. Kiran Bhalerao 9422682461
SUNDAY 11/01/2009
Time: 9.00 am
Place: Shiv-tirth, Near Panchayat Samiti, Shahapur
Jahir Vyakhyan
Time: 3.30 pm
Place: Shivmandir, Mahuli.
1. Mr. Vishwas Patil ( writer, 'Panipat' )
2. Mr. Daud Dalawi, History Specialist
3. Mr. Sadashivrav Gorakshkar, (have received 'Padmashri Award' )
4. Mr. Madhukar Gauru ( Kaka Hardas, Shiv-premi)
5. Mr. Suresh Wadkar ( Raigad-premi )

aapan sarvanni ya karyakrmat sahabhagi houn aamhas sahkary karawe aani karykramachi shobha wadhwawi heech apeksha.
Mahuli Nisarg Mandal,
Shahapur, Thane

For "Trek Event"
All participants should be present at 7.00 am sharp on 10th January 2009

1. Water at least 1.5 litters as there will be no water available till the top
2. Food for a day
3. Personal medicines( optional/as per your needs)
4. Good sport shoes or trekking shoes
5. Trouser or track pant (avoid tight jeans)
6. Full shirt ( it will save you from harsh sun )
7. Newspaper or satranji to sit on or rest as the caves will be full.

*** DO NOT throw plastics and garbage on the fort; carry it back. Keep the fort clean.
*** DO NOT smoke or drink liquor on trek.
*** DO NOT plan to cook foods there on 10th afternoon, the place will be crowded.
*** DO NOT set the dry grass on fire, it may hurt wild life as well as our fellow participants.

# Trekkers coming from long distances may halt at the caves overnight and descend on 11th to attend Lectures by Honorable Mr. Vishwas Patil ( Writer, "Panipat" ), Dr. Doud Dalawi, Mr. Sadashivrav Gorakshkar (Padmashri Award), Mr. Madhukar Gauru (Kaka Hardas) and Mr. Suresh Wadkar (Raigad-Premi).

Your participation and co-operation is heartily invited.

Jai Hind !!!! Jai Maharashtra !!!