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Wild trip in SNGP by Pugmarks nature club

Wild trip in SNGP!!!!!!!!

These is a trip organised by the member of Pugmarks nature club 

These is trip to sanjay gandhi national park :-which will be very diffrent to the normal visits to sanjay gandhi national park done by some other nature loverzzzzzzs .Dese trip will promise u a garuntee sighting of lions and other 2 big cats upclose and dangerous with loads of thrills and chills and a trip to tulsi lake which will contain many reptiles !!!!!!

Main Attraction:-Asiatic Lions ,Bengal tigers, Indian Leopards & Crocodiles etc !!!!!

As these trip to national park will be which will be very diffrent .Why dese trip will diffrent to the normal family trip made by other mumbaikars !!!!! Here is the reason why?

1)As these whole national park trip will be in private car. 
2)Good quality food & water will be at your service.
3)You will get to see Lions, Tigers & Indian leopards just a feet away from you .
4)You will get as much of time to stop and get snaps about Nature & Wildlife.
5)These trip will give personal attention towards each and every nature lover.
6)As you don't need to c animals from far above in safari bus, u will will have your own personal car .
7)You Will get chance to see animals upclose , but without danger( in cages )

These trip will cost you only 250 rs/-
Which Includes 
-Breakfast & Lunch & Tea or Cofee 
-Which includes Trip to inside depth of Safaris 
-Veg or non veg food will be provided 

For further information plssss contact Sameer pendurkar(9969411952) & Swapnil Palkar(9892491886)