Trekdi Katta at Tilak Education College pune 12 th feb 09.

12 Feb 09 : Lecture on Safety Precautions while Trekking [Safe Trekking]

Considering the recent accidents and casualties on Sahyadri forts, we felt a need that amateur trekkers must be informed about safety precautions while trekking. Because of careless amateur trekkers, trekking sport and our heritage forts are getting bad fame. This session is to tell amateurs "DOs" and "Don'ts" during trek.
In this lecture we will be covering information about various threats/difficulties caused by terrain or wildlife during treks and how to overcome them. Several Experienced trekkers/mountaineers will be sharing their views in this lecture.

Tilak Education College hall
First floor
S.P. College Campus, back gate (entrance from Lokmanya nagar)
next to S.P.M. English School
Sadashiv Peth, Pune 30
07.00 PM to 08.30 pm