Nisarga Bhraman Trek to Fort Torna on 21st March 2009.

Hey there Friends,

We, at Nisarga Bhraman, have decided to have an Overnight Trek to the Fort Torna on Saturday, the 20th of March.

About the fort:
Height: 1400mtr above sea level
Grade: Medium 
District: Pune
Base Village: Velhe

Torna fort is believed to have been constructed by the Shaiva Panth, followers of the Hindu god Shiva, in the 13th century. A Mengai Devi temple, also referred to as the Tornajai temple, is situated near the entrance of the fort.
In 1643, Shivaji, son of a local jagirdar with royal ambitions, captured this fort at the age of sixteen, thus making it one of the first forts in what would become the Maratha Empire. Shivaji renamed the fort Prachandagad, and constructed several monuments and towers within it.

In the 1700s, the Mughal Empire gained control of this fort after assassination of Shivaji's son Sambhaji. Aurangzeb, the Mughal Emperor, renamed this fort Futulgaib (Language unknown: Divine victory), in recognition of the difficult defense the Mughals had to overcome to capture this fort. It was restored to the Maratha confederacy by the Treaty of Purandar.

Konkan Darwaja, Kothi Darwaja, Bini Darwaja, Mengai Godess Temple, Budhala Machi, Zunjaar Machi, Hanuman Buruj, Sadar etc. are the places to see atop.


>>Meeting at CST Railway Station by 10:30pm on Friday, 20th March 2009.
>>Journey to Pune by 1327 Pandharpur Express and then to the base village, Velhe by ST.
>>Reach base village by 8:00am on Saturday. Have a breakfast.
>>Start trek by 9:00 am. It will take about 3 hrs to reach the top.
>> Prepare the lunch and then explore the fort 
>> An overnight stay at Mengai Temple on the top of the fort.
>>Leave the fort by 9:00 am on Sunday after proper breakfast and start a journey back.
>>Return home by 9:30 pm
The cost of this event would be Rs.350/- only and would include:

> Travel from Pune to Pune
> 2 Breakfast+ Tea + 1 Lunch + 1 Dinner
> Trek

Note: Take your own ticket till Pune by 1327, Pandharpur express.

If interested, please contact on the nos. below for registration by Friday morning:
Parag: 9820973705 (W)
Hemant: 9819786136 (Central)
Pinak: 9987562162 (centra) 

Here is a list of all the things that need to be carried for the trek:

1. A haversack to put in all the things to be that one has ones hands free while trekking. Please do not carry sling bags or Jholas.
2. A bottle of water (2.0 Ltrs)
3. Extra pair of clothes and personal medicines.
4. A good torch with 1 spare set of batteries (COMPULSORY).
5. A cup, plate and old newspaper.
6. Avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments.
7. Optional: Camera & something to munch on.

Few rules that we would like people follow:

1. Alcohol will strictly not be permitted on the trek. Anyone found consuming/possessing the same will be expelled from the trek. No REFUND will be provided in such cases!
2. Smoking will only be permitted while we halt at a clearing, away from the group, and only with prior permission from the Leader.
3. The Leader’s decision will be final and binding on all members. No Arguments will be entertained.
4. Safety is of Utmost Importance on NB Event.
5. Though we see to it and have never had any casualties or untoward incidents, each person is responsible for his/her own safety.
6. Each member will be responsible for his/her own baggage.


Sameer Patel
(Nisarga Bhraman)