Trek to Bahiri Caves on Sunday 29 March 2008

Brief Introduction abt Bahiri Caves:
Height:2700 feet
Time:~Max. 3 hrs frm Sandshi, Base
Location:Raigad District

Fascinating Spot:
Dhak-Bahiri is one of da most thrilling treks & requires tremendous guts 2 climb using the grips in a straight cliff. Its one of da best challenges in Sahyadri. The fort was discoverd by great historian G.N.Dandekar

Bahiri Caves:
An important part of this thrilling trek is cave tht is situated on other side of fort & d way goes through dense vegetation. Ascend da rock patch where a bamboo & a rope r used 2 climb 2 the caves. The caves r sacred as the Lord of Bahiri resides here. Frm the caves, v can hav glance of da terrifying beauty of peaks of Sahyadri.

Journey Details 
Catch d last local train for Karjat after Saturday midnight. Timings r as follows
CST 00:43
Byculla 00:51
Dadar 01:00
Kurla 01:11
Ghatkopar 01:17
Thane 01:37
Dombivali 01:59
Kalyan 02:08
Karjat 03:09
pls keep a buffer time of 5 mins bcoz of new schedules of local trains
We will meet @ Karjat station

Just Check that if u miss the train...u miss the trek with us...
Rest till 4 a.m. and then move for Sandshi by 6-seater

Sunday 29th March 2008
05:00 Hrs Sandshi(Base Village) 
05:30 Hrs Trek Starts
09:00 Hrs @ Caves
10:30 Hrs Descend
14:00 Hrs @ Base Village-Lunch
16:00 Hrs Catch Bus for Karjat
17:00 Hrs Karjat station 

Then by local train to Mumbai
We will be in Mumbai around 20:00 hrs (that's - subjective)

The Estimated initial expenditure is abt 
Rs.170/- (Veg) & Rs.200/- (Non-Veg)...pls do confirm so

This includes Karjat 2 Karjat rick/bus fare+Breakfast+Lunch 

Things To Carry
Water Bottle (~3 Ltrs),1 torch (must)
Camera,Cell,Binoculars (Optional)
Pls avoid wearing Gold & ornaments
Some ready 2 eat food-Plum cakes,biscuits etc
Good trekking shoes, cap
Personal medications if any

A haversack to put all these things

For confirmation pls reply here or do contact on
Jagdish Patil: 09869369836
Bahiri Caves Pics
1st bus 2 sandshi at 5.30 Am
Carry more water with cause no water is available still between travelling water is available in caves 
there 2 much route for confusing so take care